March 10th, 2005

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presale code up for grabs...i realize this is last minute and all...first person to comment grabs it, you'll get it right around the time the presale starts (sorry for the delay)

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I too am looking for a presale code for the US part of the 3rd leg. It seems almost a bit pointless now, but's worth a shot. Thanks in advance to any and all help.

Just trying to get good seats for Atlanta.
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Hello all!!

Would anyone have an extra presale code for the US lying around?? I am trying to get my family FLOOR tickets for Tampa and I am TWO shy of my goal. Unfortunately I've already used my presale code. Any help would be MOST appreciated!!

**Would be willing to trade presale code for 2 1DAY 2PARK Universal Orlando (or Hollywood) passes.**

Please email jenvargas @ livejournal. com

Thanks very much in advance =)
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Wow. So I got my pre-sale code for the Atlanta show (thank you so much muffasaur), and it tells me that GA is no longer available, and even more so, when I check for it to give me the best available, it shoots me into the upper level of the arena.

Could the entire GA floor already been grabbed up or just the ones they had held for this pre-sale?

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Hey all...I've got an extra ticket to the 5/10 Chicago show in section 303. $110 after all the Ticetbastard fees. Any takers?
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Book Bargain!

Aussie fans ... if you don't already own The Best Of Propaganda. (20 Years Of The Official U2 Magazine) ... then I suggest you head as quick as you can to your nearest Kmart store. I picked up a copy of the book today for $7.95! Whee!!
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silly question

How many tickets can I buy in the presale? I have bought 2 already. I found out I can buy more tickets with my code. I haven't gone through with the purchase though its tempting. heh

I thought there was a two ticket limit (not that it matters to me but...)

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Hello fellow U2 fans! So, thanks to a very generous person, I'm able to get the $95 ticket to the U2 show in Tampa, Florida (November 12th) when they go on sale this Saturday. Only thing is, I don't know who I can get in the next 2 days to come up with $95 to come along with me. So just wondering...anyone on this community that's going that I could possibly meet up with? If not I might just have to be a social person when I go, but that doesn't always work so well. :)
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Horrible rumour...

A friend of mine told me that his friend, a self-described U2 freak, said that he'd heard the band were going to break up after this tour.

Tell me that it isn't true!
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