March 15th, 2005

A Heads Up

I was on the Warped Tour 'site (big traveling punk show in the states) and their presales go onsale Tuesday morning at 10 a.m. I don't think it will be too bad, because they don't have a limit of tickets, and they just announced the tickets and dates today. But I figured I'd give anyone attempting to get tickets a heads up.
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A Sad Goodbye to the "Seven Towers" of 'Running To Stand Still'

Demolition of famous Dublin tower block

13 March 2005 22:29
One of Dublin's most famous landmarks was demolished by controlled explosion this morning.

McDermott Tower was the first of Ballymun's tower blocks to be demolished in this way.

The tower, on Ballymun's main street, was 15 storeys high and once contained 90 flats.

Thirty separate detonations were triggered in the building, bringing it down in five seconds and leaving around 8,500 tonnes of rubble. A 100-metre exclusion zone had been put in place for safety reasons.

A hotel will eventually be built in its place.

Six blocks of flats in Ballymun have already been taken down by special equipment.

McDermott Tower was the only one suitable for a controlled explosion because of the open space around it. It took six weeks to prepare the building for demolition.

Today's event was overshadowed by the death last month of one of the demolition workers, who died while removing a staircase in the tower.
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U2 is love

Rock Hall

I just got back from the Rock Hall...went and watched the broadcast from New York.

Bruce Springsteen gave an AWESOME speech...very very good introduction speech. And all 4 of them talked! BBono and Edge talked for a while, Larry's was short and Adam talked for a bit.

Then they played Until the End of the World, Pride, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (Bruce joined them on the guitar and singing), and then Vertigo.

It was awesome!! And definitely worth the sitting for 4 hours. lol how did I know U2 would be last?
maybe cause they save the best for last. lol of course that's why.

Really though, Bruce Springsteen's speech was amazing. He did an awesome job inducting them.

And Bono with the champagne....I think that was my favorite part.
I can't wait til they air it on VH1 on Saturday.

just thought I'd share...
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Okay I have a question, is saying U2 tickets are currently on sale for the second half of the Fall tour. I tried using my password but it's telling me the presale password I have is not valid until tomorrow. Does anyone know why?


Hey guys... did anybody else have luck with this morning's presale? I am tentatively thrilled to (hopefully) have a pair of GAs to Milwaukee (tentatively, because I won't be really thrilled until they are physically in my hands - I'm jittery like that). I have to say, it was TEN BILLION times better than the last presale. Good luck to anyone trying later today and tomorrow!

Also, if you're going to Milwaukee... Viva la Wisconsin!
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Did this happen to anyone else?

Last night, I received an email from, stating that, since I am a former Propaganda subscriber, my code would be reset and I would be able to use it during the presale this week, even though I had already used it in previous presales. My SO got one of these emails too. We were quite tickled, as you can imagine.

This morning, we both tried for MSG tix, only to put in our codes and have them rejected as having already been used. I just tried using my code for Salt Lake and got the same message.

Bit confused...
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LJ: Just Because....

Quick question.

Just to clarify... the U2 GA tickets are standing, correct? There is no set seating for those? That's how I understood it... wanted to be sure though before I purchase tickets.
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(no subject)

Bono, Ali, and Rogan appeared on the NBC Today Show this morning.  This link can take you to the Today Show page where there is an article and the complete 7 minute segment shown with Katie Couric.  I actually woke up to a very pleasant surprise on the Today Show this morning. Hope this hasn't already been posted


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Probably a dumb request of sorts, but I was wondering if anyone here could do me a favor.

Tomorrow, when the pre-sale starts for members, I was wondering if anyone could check for me and see if floor tickets are still available for the Saturday Atlanta Show.

I'm just curious what my chances are for this weekend at getting general admission tickets when the sale goes public.
BBC Sherlock

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for a media class, we have to have bring in a song, advertisement, or article for the class to analyze.
i really want to bring a u2 song, but my class does not have the smartest people so it cant be too difficult. (scratch half the songs i was originally planning).
if i cant think of a good u2 song, i will probably bring in jimmy eat world's "your new aesthetc" since i love what it stands for.