March 16th, 2005

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Guys and gals, I was just told of a GREAT acoustic version of One, and I managed to find it.

Here it is. It's so beautiful, romantic and emotional... *tears up* :)

Those of you who hadn't heard of it, I hope you like it.

Edit: Does anyone know when and where this was performed?
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Ticketmaster presale delight...

Weird. TM charged my card last night for my Portland GAs. This morning, they've refunded $6 to my card!

With me being in the UK, I was thinking this was probably an exchange rate thing.

But now its got U2 in the refund line.. "U2 TM transaction#.."

Anyone get this? I'm quite shocked, as well I don't think I've ever been given money back by ticketmaster!!

I'm thinking this must be that reduced service charge that talked about a while back? Anyone else get this? I know somebody on u2tours has reported the same thing.
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Would you? Or wouldnt you?

Help! I need some advice/ideas. I recently landed a GA tix (with a friend) for 11/2 Staples Center L.A. show. Yeah, all the way in November. I have no tix for first swing.

BUT...I just received an opportunity to purchase two tickets for OPENING NIGHT but they are Terrace 8a and Terrace 9a which are BEHIND the stage at San Diego Sports Arena. Tickets are just $90 each and not seated next to each other (but not real far).

Would you do it? Just to be there on opening night, would you pay $90 to be behind the stage? I am tempted to do it just to "be there". Let me know what you would do if you were in my situation. Thanks U2 LJers!


... ... ...Holy crap.

I just scored two GA tickets to the 2nd show in Atlanta on Nov. 19th!!!

Check it out, kids.  The best email I've ever gotten in my life.  I jusst keep staring at in utter disbelief:</i>

Thank you for purchasing tickets on Ticketmaster.

Your order number for this purchase is *-*****/***.

You will receive your tickets via: UPS Delivery-by 7:30 pm in 3 business days - undeliverable to PO Box addresses.

We'll email you when your tickets are printed and about to be shipped.

You purchased 2 tickets to:
Philips Arena, Atlanta, GA
Saturday November 19, 2005 7:30 pm

Seat location: section GA FLR
Total Charge: $136.20


So see, psykoboy2?  There may be hope for you yet!  :D
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Favorite concert moment?

I was replying to someone else's post about an Elevation concert on 4/26/01. That particular show was my all time favorite because poor Edge was having a horrible night and Bono was picking on him...Just a hilarious night overall...

During Sunday Bloody Sunday:
"But I wont heed the battle call.....*Guitar goes out*
...I wont heed the battle call.......
Edge broke a string, it dont mean nothing at all!
Sunday Bloody Sunday......"

At that point Dallas had come out of his little cave to replace guitars.

During Angel of Harlem:
"Angeeeeeel of Haaaaarlemmmmm *Guitar string snaps*
Bono: He never breaks strings-The Edge.....thats 2 this evening!

At the beginning of All I want is you:
Bono: Edge? You ok?
Edge: *fiddles with tuning keys*
Bono: Two strings...out of tune *laughs* Wow...I sometimes forget that he' know...human and shit......Dr. Spock are you with us?
Edge: *Gives Bono the thumbs up*
They proceed with song...
I just love those little band moments...

What are YOUR Favorite Live Moments??
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omg u guyz :-[

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I've been looking for this forever, and when I get close, the link doesn't work or something else like that. So, does anyone have or anyone know where I can find a video of when the boys played Vertigo on SNL? Any format is fine. I'd really appreciate it!
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with or without hiiiiiiim...

hello fellow u2 fans!

I have a question, sort of a tough one for me, but I'd value your opinions.

I have two u2 tix. I sort of want to ask my ex, even tho he's *ahem* getting married this summer to someone else. He was a friend, we're both fans...and U2 and their songs are special for us I think.

so...even tho I'm still trying to get over him and move on, should I ask him? ther's just no one else I could imagine wanting to go with and expereicne something like that with.

thanks for listening guys :-)
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Speaking of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ceremony, does anyone know when/where it might be airing in Canada? I don't get VH1 here, (even my parents, who currently have over 200 channels don't get VH1). I've checked Much Music and MuchMore Music, but nothing. Anyone have any ideas?

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