March 17th, 2005

LJ: Just Because....

Seated tickets

I have a question for those who have actually bought seat tickets for the upcoming U2 concerts and not GA. Generally speaking, are there a lot of seats for $49.50? Or are most of them $90 or $160? I need to decide whether I want a friend to get me a seated ticket with her and her husband or take a chance and buy one GA myself to go alone. My friend's husband NEEDS seats, there is no way around that. I could also buy 2 GAs with the intention of finding someone to go with me who can hopefully pay for the ticket... and if not then I guess they would get a treat. What would you do in my shoes?

I've been to concerts before, but never U2 and I really want to do this!
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Led Zeppelin

(no subject)

I know I'm probably not the only one here that feels the same way, but I'm somewhat ticked off that I punched the sleep button on my alarm last saturday and missed the on-sale time of 10am for the fall leg's Tampa 15 minutes. By the time I came onto, at about 10:15am, tickets were already gone. I hate the internet. I really do. Now, if I want to buy tickets, I have to go and pay more than four times the face value of the tickets. It's kind of ridiculous when you think about how long you've waited for them to come back near where you live, and they finally do...after about 3 years...and within 15 minutes of their availability, your odds of getting two DECENT tickets under $500 decrease drastically. Now I have to go spend a crapload of money for two tickets for myself and my girlfriend. *sigh*

My apologies. I had to vent somewhere.
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I bring you today's Completely Unsubstantiated Rumour of Choice, courtesy of Popbitch:

LzSK2 writes:
"My friend in LA runs a fetish club called
Fetish Bar Hollywood. It's underneath the
famed Capitol Records building and is across the
road from a big nightclub called Avalon which,
on the night of the Grammies was hosting a
very posh party.

"A chauffeur came up to my friend and asked
what kind of club it was. When told, the
chauffeur went and brought his client to
the club. The client? Larry Mullen Jr."

Well it made me laugh :D
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Behind Stage seats

I have a quick question for anyone who may know
I am nervous about getting tickets, especially on dial-up, and because of financial reasons, will be aiming for the cheap seats. I'm afraid of only finding behind the stage tickets

Does anyone know how good behind the stage seats are? The whole concept seems strange to me - is there a screen or something that show's you what's going on? Or do you just look at who-knows-what and listen?

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trent back
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(no subject)

What are your favorite romantic/sweet lines from U2 songs?

I think my fave lines are:

"I have run
I have crawled
I have scaled these city walls
These city walls
Only to be with you"
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original jackson (courtesy of sharoo)

Bono segment on The Daily Show

With Jon Stewart tonight. It was pretty funny. For those of you on the west coast, the segment starts at the beginning of the show (on the holiest of Irish days). And for those on the east coast, well the show is repeated. I definitely will tape this.

This Week in Bono: commenting on heading the world bank, RRHOF, and EDUN. Larry even makes a guest appearance (via picture).
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flowers (offbeat_upbeat)

(no subject)

So how did you all celebrate the annual day of shamrockery? I heard ABOY on the radio on the way to a doctor's appointment, then Vertigo on the way home. Plus, the station that played ABOY had a special feature of U2 songs at 10:00! So I actually went out and sat in my car and listened. They played the Tomb Raider remix of Elevation, a bootleg of Desire from the May 3, 2001 Cleveland show, and All Because of You again.

I confess: I hit my head on the ceiling more than once because I was rocking out so hard. Clearly, I win the dork award. :Þ

Any radio stations near you play U2 for St. Patty's Day?
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Not a happy U2 fan.

A question:

The more I think about the fact that I've paid over five hundred dollars for three less than stellar tickets for U2's Portland date, the more the taste in my mouth gets bitter.

Is any part of the ticket price going to one of the band's or Bono's charities?

I realize that U2 are the biggest band in the world right now and that everyone needs to get paid, but I think these ticket prices are ridiculous, not to mention the crap people with pre-sale codes had to go to.

I've see some of the greatest Rock and Rollers of all time including Bob Dylan, David Bowie, the Rolling Stones, Neil Young, and Eric Clapton and all my seats were ridiculously good and none of the ticket prices were that high. In fact the four tickets we bought in 1998 for the Rolling Stones (almost as good as tickets as we have for U2 this time around) were less than what we're paying.

I'm sorry, but the more I think about it the more upset I get about it.