March 18th, 2005


Bono Week in Review

anyone else see this on the Daily Show? I laughed so hard! "Hello Tanzania!!!!" The Daily show re-runs quite a lot, so if you missed it last night, it's no right now and will probably replay through the day and maybe tonight at 11:30 (im not sure about fridays)

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Apologies if I posted this before, but I have two GA's for the first Detroit show (October 24th) and am looking to trade one or both for GA's to either of the September Chicago shows, or the 5/12 Chicago show. Email me at WalrusOct9 at if interested...

10 days until San Diego. :)
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How do you guys make those pictures that have the band in them, or snippets from videos, and they have lyrics from songs on them? You know what I'm talking about. If you could let me in on your secret, I would really appreciate it.. thank you. :)
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Help Bono and the One Campaign

25 million people in Africa have HIV 6,300 people die everyday 8,500 contract the HIV virus
1,400 newborn babies infected during childbirth or by their mothers' milk. 12 million children have lost at least one parent to HIV/AIDS
4.1 million people with AIDS are in immediate need of life-saving anti-retroviral drugs $10.5 billion a year to fight AIDS globally


Hey guys, we need to help Bono and pass around the word around. I'm sure most of you saw the speech he gave when he won the TED prize.


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Cool picture

I'm sure a lot of you have seen this already, but...

On the front page of (the one you click on before going to the main page), there's always pictures of the guys chillin' in Washed-Out Land. But today, I clicked on it and got this picture. I thought that was pretty cool.... if you hit refresh on the front page a lot, you can see all the pictures.

I just thought it was interesting, because they're not in Washed-Out Land, and Bono looks really badass in that picture. Edge looks like he's up to something, too.

Now, I guess I'll give this post a reason to be.... does anyone know where Washed-Out Land is?
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Sorry if someone has already asked but does anyone have any footage from the induction they want to share? i looked around a bit but i there's only so many pages i'm willing to go back! ;) thanks for your help!



Hey guys-fyi, I just randomly checked for tickets for the 2nd Seattle show and got seats. Just checked again about 10 minutes ago and am still pulling up good seats. If you're looking for seats, GO NOW!

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