March 19th, 2005

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So I am sitting here in a computer lab on campus, hoping that the T1 internet connection will assist me in my ticket-buying hopes this morning. I also know my credit card number from memory (from using it so much!), so hopefully that will accelerate my checkout time, as well. T minus 20 min and counting :)

If I still lived at home, in northern Ohio, Chicago may have been an option. Now I live in Cincinnati, though, so Cleveland's probably about the best I can do, in terms of drive time. And I loathe freeways.

Good thing the person I'm going with can be bribed into driving *smirk* I'm buying the tickets, and getting a room at a Marriott (which is where I work) for the night, so I think making someone else drive is a fair trade :P

Is anyone else here going to the show in Cleveland? Especially if you don't already live in Ohio?? Is anyone in Ohio going to a show *other* than the one in Cleveland?
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i thought the presale always started at 10:00 AM?? Im looking for tix and not getting anything and then I read that the presale started 9. fuck. at least i have tickets but i wanted GA. Anyone wanna trade?

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Well, until my status changes from "Your tickets are being printed" to "Your tickets have been shipped", only then will my worry go down just a little bit. And it won't be till they are in my hand will I let loose the sphincter muscle in my ass.

Anyway, as it stands, it would seem I have FLOOR tickets to the Atlanta show on Saturday 11-18.

Pleased, but again, more so when I have them in my hand.

Second ATL show

My mother woke me up about ten minutes ago! "I'm sorry, but the concert sold out in 12 minutes but not before I got three tickets! Go back to bed!" And I just sort of laid there staring at her for a few minutes. Section 216, row T, seats 5, 6, and 7. Not the greatest seats in the world; they're right on the corner of behind the stage and on the side of the stage. Ticket master says they're "lower" but the they're really the second ring of seats. Wow. There was some drama this week about her not letting me go to Interpol on Monday but wow...totally makes up for it!

This is a silly question, but has anyone ever been to Phillips Arena? My question is: how do the row letters run? From A-Z from the back of the statium (downwards) or A-Z from towards the floor (upwards)? I'm just curious to see where row "T" is.

I have the strangest urge to sereneade my mother with "All because of you, allllll because of you, all beccause of you I am!" When you think about it, that's quite true...


I now have tickets to the Hartford Civic Center show!!

Any University of Hartford people going?
Any other people going?

Because seriously, party at my dorm afterwards!!

You think I'm joking? I wanna meet up with some people and party the night away because U2 fans rock the house.

Can't wait for the Hall of Fame induction tonight.
What a "U2 Day"!!!
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ok. little request here.

i got one GA ticket for the third leg Milwaukee show, and called my mother immediately after, to tell her the news and hopefully hear a good word from her as well. unfortunately, the poor woman has a fever and forgot about the general sale until i called.

so if anyone has an extra that they'd be willing to part with (face value plus Ticketbastard charges would be nice), i'd be eternally grateful.

thanks. :)
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charlie brown

God Bless FIrefox and the tab function...

I got tickets!!! 3 for Hartford, and 1 for Pittsburgh. The last one isn't GA, but I'll keep my eyes out a couple of weeks before the show and hopefully do a trade or something like that.

Add these to my tally from the presale, and I am now seeing U2 3 times this tour!

Any luck with Toronto?

I had two GAs and when they tried to process the order--internal server error. A second time, same damn answer. So close.

They've added two additional dates:
Friday 9/16
Saturday 9/17

So far no luck. Anyone else?

ETA: anyone else now getting this message:
Access to our ticketing system is currently limited.

Please try again at a later time.

ETA 2: Seems like all four shows are sold out. I tried online, no luck. I finally reached a TM agent who said that there were no available tickets--even for single tickets.
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LJ: Just Because....

Just when I'd given up hope...

Wow. That took like ages. Fortythree minutes of nailbiting suspense. I had pretty much given up hope... and then my Internet Explorer Window had a ticket. ONE ticket, SEATED, and I'm sure a crappy seat (didn't have time to verify that) for U2's Minneapolis show, but it's a TICKET.

I'm going to U2!!!
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What Is WRONG With Me??

What Is Wrong With Me??

I've got four tickets to see U2 in Cleveland: I DO!! So why am I disappointed with being at an angle behind the stage in nosebleed?

Well, I'm afraid of heights, cannot climb mountains, and will be too high and at a horrible angle to see anything.

But I'll be there, won't I?

What's wrong with me??

I should be doing Balky Bartokamus' Dance of Joy!!!
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Jenny Lewis - Smile

To take the sting off of all the ticket disappointment posts...

I woke up this morning w/ "God, Part II" in head. I Googled the song to see the real lyrics (as opposed to the ones I have just made up over the years...), and I'm curious about some of the references. Now, the fact I don't know them could be that I'm just dense and not realizing or I was too young (5) in 1988 to remember what exactly they are talking about.

Anyway, Collapse )
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Futile, but...

On the off chance (yeah right) anyone has GA tickets for HARTFORD, and doesn't want them or can't use them anymore, PLEASE don't let them go to waste and give lj-ers (and me) a chance to use them. Of course I'm willing to pay fair prices.

*wishful thinking*

Been trying since 9:58am to get tickets, it's now after 11 and I have to go into work. :o(
Nothing has been availible for one person or two on any level since I opened my browser.
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Toronto and Ottawa :)

Collapse )

Haha I feel like I'm going to collapse.

I'm a little worried, though, because in my freaking-out-have-to-buy-tickets-or-else-they'll-sell-out, I ordered delivery through ticketfast (it was the first option!), which I think means I print them off the computer? Has anyone had any problems with this in the past?
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U2 really needs to add a date for Charlotte. Ive just seen that they've added two dates in Toronto, so the fact they are still adding dates is giving me hope. Would anyone else catch them if they came to Charlotte?

Love Rescue Me

Yesterday in my history class we were watching a video on the Civil War, and there was this background music that I knew I'd heard somewhere before but couldn't identify it. Then I heard the lyrics in my head "yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow, yet I will fear no evil/ I have cursed thy rod and staff, they no longer comfort me/ Love, rescue me". Obviously it wasn't U2, but does anyone know if "Love, Rescue Me" is based off any traditional American song?

P.S. Hartford tickets!

CLARIFICATION: I mean the music, not the lyrics. I know the lyrics I mentioned were from the Bible.
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Two posts in one day, I know, I know. But hey, tour fun! Anyone heard any rumors about opening bands for the fall North American dates? I would die in a good way if the Killers were carried over from the European dates. And in a bad way if the Kings of Leon were. Eeeech.
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So does anyone know just how fast the Toronto shows sold out? I had my tickets at about the 8 minute mark (nose bleeds, but OMG I'm going!) and it appeared that they were sold out within the next 5 minutes or so.

Also? When exactly did they add the other shows! I got my tickets, but hung around of the computer for a bit before leaving for work, and didn't see anything. I get back from work and there's two more dates! WTF? Obviously, they were prepared for this possibility. Couldn't they have just announced all four dates to begin with. I highly doubt that not selling out was the concern, so why the last minute nonesense?
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For those that live in LA

Other local stations may be playing this too. 95.5 KLOS here in L.A. is playing a 2 hour U2 special before Vh1 airs the HOF induction ceremony. It started at 7 p.m. and should go until 9. Unfortunately you can't listen to it online. :(
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"and i miss you when you're not around, i'm getting ready to leave the ground"

man, up front or not, i will be in the room when they play this song.

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Classic Albums: The Joshua Tree

I was watching the Classic Albums: Joshua Tree special, and there was a song that they show a very short snippet of, and I really, really loved it but I don't know what it is. It comes on right after they talk about Larry's drumming improiving when he knows someone is really pushing him. Opens with Edge on the guitar, v. blues/rock. Bono is in a large white shirt, cowboy hat. The only words I hear are "I...I believe in love...". It's Joshua Tree era, based on clothes and haircuts, etc.

I googled it but only came up with "Exit", which is def. not it. Can anyone help me out? That guitar part really caught my attention!

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There's a great article in this month's Vogue about Bono and Ali Hewson's new clothing line, Edun. It has a couple great photos and a 2-3 page article.
I suggest you check it out. ^^
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