March 22nd, 2005

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I was in NYC for a photo vacation when the Miami tickets went on sale. I didn't have access to the net so I asked my sister to nab me a $48 ticket in the best area possible with the promise of paying her back. I called her on Sunday to see if she was successful. To make a long story short, she bought me a floor ticket as a present. I didn't see that one coming. I was so ecstatic and touched by her generosity. I'll probably plan on spending the weekend there and stay in a hostel/motel. But what I'm I worried about?? I have 8 months to go...

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Looking to trade tickets

We have two GA tickets to the May 22nd Philadelphia show. Unfortunately, that is the weekend of our children's dance recital. We can go on the 22nd, but we would miss their Sunday recital (we'd still get to see Saturday), plus we'd have to find different child care because they were going to go to their Grandma's house for the whole weekend, but can't since Grandma lives about 300 miles from the recital :).

Anyway, I was hoping that someone in the community may have two GA tickets to the May 14th show that he/she would be willing to trade for our May 22nd tickets. To make it completely trustworthy, assuming the person in question lives in the Philadelphia area, we could meet in person to switch the tickets.

Please and thank you! :)
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anyone catch the u2 induction ceremony to the rock and roll hall of fame??

i thought the band sounded really tight. especially on 'still haven't found' where bono was singing realllly high. sounded awesome. and bruce springsteen's speech was pretty good too!

i was a little surprised they didnt thank brian eno/daniel lanois. especially considering how they really effected the group's sound going all the way back to the unforgettable fire days.
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Song of The Day

I realize that it's a little bit of a rush since I only released "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" about 15 hours earlier, but I will try to put these entries around midday Pacific Time from now on to sort of ensure a greater response rate.

Today's selection is

"New Year's Day" from War (1983)

Thoughts: It's epic, anthemic rock the way it's supposed to be. I like the driving, pulsating guitar riffs that seem to separate itself from the main vocals. It takes on a life of its own. It's quite impressive that the song even maintains its head-banging tone despite such dissonance within the instrumentation. As for the lyrics, they seem to be about hope and renewal, which is usually what feelings are elicited around the time of January 1st, but under the surface, the repeated line that "nothing changes" is a sign that Bono doesn't believe renewal is possible. It's a contrast in tone that causes this feeling of uneasiness in regards to the content of the words within the song.
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I know a few posts back people were talking about wanting to see the hall of fame induction ceremony. I haven't seen any video yet, but there are audio links at Even without video it's well worth checking out. Also, the answer is yes. You will weep when Bono tells the Adam taking a bullet for him story. Bruce's speach is funny and complex and truly endearing. His admiration for the Edge especially, and the whole band as well, floods out of him. I also loved that they played Until The End of the World. It's not an obvious choice, but a favourite of mine. Especially the live version. And those who said it before? I am so in agreement! Bono's singing on I Still Haven't Found What I'm looking for is so beautiful. I am melted :) 

Induction speech by Bruce Springsteen & the performance of Until the End of the World

Speeches by Bono and The Edge, and the performances of Pride, and ISHFWILF

Adam, and Larry share their thoughts, and U2 perform Vertigo.


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I’m going to be in San Diego on the 27 for the Zoo. If anyone wants to meet up with me there, that would be awesome. At 9:30 am the following day, I'm going to be lining up outside the venue since I have a GA. Please come down and say hello. I'm either going to be dressed as a large bunny rabbit or as MacPhisto.

If I'm Macphisto, I'll wear a red shirt that reads, “Isabelle Guns”. I will post pics later of me in the outfit. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you down there FOR OPENING NIGHT!!!!

I'm going to buy a tour book and it would be awesome if those I met from, interference, LJ etc. could sign it for me like a yearbook.

My cell number in case anyone wants to call and hook up is 604-603-7596. You’re calling a Candian cell phone.

This is my first time in San Diego and I heard that Old Town is a nice place, I would love to heard down there :)
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Key moments in U2 history

I'm taking of for San Diego Friday night, with a day trip to LA on Saturday. I plan on checking out the Million Dollar Hotel, 7th and Main, and the Joshua Tree reservation (I don't care if the tree fell or not, its history).

What else is out in LA/San Diego thats part of the U2 mythos that I could catch?

This went from a trip to see U2 to a mini-pilgrimmage inside the US. And, of course, "New Year's Day" just came on the streaming radio.

I heart U2.

1 tix for Anaheim 4/2 for sale or trade

Hi everybody!

I'm having scheduling conflicts, and can't go to this show anymore. I'm selling it below cost.

The ticket is Section 435, Row G, Seat 2.

I'm asking $100 (was $165 plus Ticketbastard fees, so this is a great deal!) Also willing to trade for other Anaheim/LA dates if you've got them.

Drop me a comment or email me at



hey i just want to say a big *yipppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* to all the us and european fans who have got tickets for U2 concerts this year, i know this tour is going to be absolutely mind blowingly brilliant!

Its just, i live in australia, and yes i almost had a coniption when i heard that u2 would be coming here, but im starting to get a little freaked out/hyperventilating/trying not to think negatively because i havent heard anything since that "rumour" came out months and months ago, and i know they havent released dates for any where else but europe and us, but im really scared they wont come here, and now tickets are sold out pretty much for every concert ANYWHERE else, i gues si just have to wait *patiently* till i hear something.

Bottom line. i dont want to miss out, and i will die if i cant see them, and i know even if they do come here its going to go to shit because our ticket companies are run by monkeys.

and im sorry for whining here, cause that wasnt my goal, i just wanted to let the people who are seeing u2 know that im happy for them, and if anyone has heard anything else about australia?

PS. im loving the new video heart cant take much more LOL
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