March 25th, 2005

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To anyone who didn't aquire their U2 Rare and Unreleased tracks in a 'legit' way:-

beware of the new iTunes download - they must have license monitors in them, because I am locked out of my Complete U2 tracks (it recognises that my computer isn't validated to play them).
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Insted of a U2 Tour Shirt

This morning I was wondering around a store and I saw that delux edition of the new album (the cd/dvd/book and yes it was kind of alot of money but i thought to my self when you go to the tour all the merchendice will be way way over priced like a shirt would run about $25 or more and what other stuff have you (NOTE for those who are going on Monday keep an eye out on the merchendice and report back) so i thought to my self well I would rather have the delux editon then pay $25 for something u can get for way less somewhere eles or u get the idea. well so i am kind of happy of getting the delux version. now i have thealbum twice - U2 Digital Box set and now on cd. haha.
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Attention U2LAers!

Don't know if this has already been spread, but ...

Hie thee from thine job - play sick - do whatever you can! Just get thee to Saks RIGHT NOW!

... And take pics for me. *sniffle* And invite Ali to my wedding for me. Bono will be in Atlanta that night.

Bono Rocks Saks (L.A.)

Bono here, Bono there, Bono’s really everywhere. In between launching an iPod and attending the World Economic Forum, the rock star and his wife, Ali Hewson, created Edun -- "fashion with a social conscience" -- and they’ll be in town TODAY to launch the collection at Saks. The department store will carry several exclusive pieces from the eco-friendly, sweatshop-free line (which was co-founded by designer Rogan), including the Sybil stretch trouser jeans and the Alisandra lace camisole for women. Guys can choose from pieces like graphic tees and cotton shirt jackets. (310) 275-4211
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Song of The Day

Today's selection is

"The Hands That Built America" from Gangs of New York soundtrack (2002)

Thoughts: The movie's about Irishmen so naturally, the filmmakers had to recruit one of Ireland's most famous bands to do a signature song for the movie. Honestly, it's not one of U2's best efforts, simply because the rhythm feels too dissonant with the rest of the song. It seems like the instruments are playing a different song, while Bono's vocals are off doing their own thing. The pace of the song is not helped by this sort of incoherence in the track and the entire song ends up feeling like a struggle just to get a listen in. It should feel epic, and the scope of the song is epic, but instead, I think it's just laborious.

Yesterday: "Lemon".
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