March 26th, 2005

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That the band you are hearing on that new Volkswagon commercial where the couple are dancing in their apartment and then after the neighbor complains they go buy a new stereo AND buy a house and dance in the front room -- that music is The Kings of Leon.

It's called Molly's Chambers

Atlanta, November 19th show

I shouldn't be doing this, my bank account says so, but Im going to do it anywyas because my obsession moves in mysterious ways...


Yes I have a ticket to the 18th show but Im obsessed, remember?
I can pay by cash, cheque, charge, labor
I'll take whatever you got
I'll give you some profit but scalping is mean so :-P


Reminds me of when I read that after the election some very anti-Bush folks sought therapy. Perhaps they have a U2 syndome therapy plan?
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Song of The Day

Today's selection is

"The Unforgettable Fire" from The Unforgettable Fire (1984)

Thoughts: Oh, what a beautiful, soulful song this one is. The nice little detail in the song are the little breaths that come along with the accompianment. Adds a sort of urgency and passion to the entire song. There's a sadness that takes hold of the verses in the song and then Bono jumps into some semblance of optimism in the chorus. I love how light the guitar is as it is opposed by the hard synthesizer rhythm. The guitar feels like it's floating in mid-air and the synthesizer seems to bring the guitar back to Earth. There's a dreamy quality to the song that makes it easy to listen to. And it ends on just a slow fade out, which adds to its sort of magical quality.
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Anyone have any details about the fight Bono and Edge had back in '82 which was mentioned as one of Bono's "kodak moments"? I'd be interested in the details of what happened...espescially of who won.
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Trampolining Elephant Ahoy!

Quiz: Album Tracks

This is something that I've been thinking about doing for the last week or so - If you were able to create a greatest "album tracks" album, which songs would you choose? For those of you that are confused by this term, album tracks used to describe the non-single released songs on an album. If a "greatest hits" CD usually has about 14-16 songs, which songs would you have on your CD?

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I need help? ok i try to know about all things U2, but my mom just come into the living room and asked me " is tear down the walls" by Bono (which she always says his name wrong) and bruce springsteen any good" ? the talk radio station that she listens to one of the guys either was talking about it or played the song on his show? I ve never heard of it, or even remotly have a clue that they did a duet together??? the only thing that popped into my mind was "tear down the walls that hold me inside..."from where the streets have no name... but thats all the info i have about the question she asked me and she doesnt even know what shes talking about. I tried to ask her to tell me more and she got aggravated and said thats all the guy said about it?? if anyone has the slightest clue about what she talking about please help me cuz its really going to bother me?? thanks

SD Wed Show & Most Underrated U2 Album

First, was wondering if there was anyone heading to Wed's San Diego concert? Particularly people with general admission that wouldn't mind me crashing their party since i'm flying solo.

Part 2, i've been thinking about this for awhile now and figured i'd run it by you all. What do you think is U2's most underrated album? I'd have to go with the Unforgettable Fire. I mean Pride is one of u2's top 5 songs I'd say, and then bad, a sort of homecoming, mlk, the unforgettable fire are all amazing as well. i think it mainly had the misfortune of coming out between war (which was the breakout album) & the joshua tree (which was the joshua tree)

very close second place would have to be pop. not as good an album but still pretty damn good, and it just gets trashed.