March 27th, 2005

Eeeee! The excitement!

It just hit me that the tour starts TOMORROW! Wow. I was toying with the idea of trying to stay "spoiler-free," and avoid all talk of the shows, and of the setlists.

But I can't do it. I want to know what the first song is. I want to know what the last song is. I want to know how far back they're reaching in their catalog. I want to know how high the soles of Bono's shoes are, and if his hair looks good. *g*


Has anyone heard anything further about the shows being released on iTunes? I'm of mixed feelings on it. On the one hand: awesome! Great quality shows available without having to search every corner of the internet! On the other hand: well, it kind of takes the fun out of trading. And me? I'm a completist. If it's there for sale, I'm going to want it. So part of me is hoping that a) they're reasonably priced; and b) they don't release every single show, because I'll spend too much money on them.

Also, maybe this is old news, but it looks like eBay is a decent place to look for single tickets. I'm bidding on a single ticket for the first Seattle show for below-face value. Granted, it's a nosebleed seat that's almost behind the stage, but I just want to be there! It looks like the single tickets are reasonably priced; it's the multiple tickets that are going for rage-inducing prices.
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Song of The Day

Today's selection should be pretty obvious.

It's "Sunday Bloody Sunday" from War (1983)

Thoughts: It seems almost too appropriate that the song that opens an album called War should be loud and bombastic as "Sunday Bloody Sunday". Indeed, the steady drum beat is what stands out always in my mind. The graphic lyrics signify the entrance of Bono and the band's into the foray of uniting anthems that call to mind the sort of world causes they have been championing for 20 years. On top of that, it's a downright enjoyable, head-banging kind of song that I just love every time it comes on. There are just no words that could adequately describe it.

And it's true we are immune.
When fact is fiction and T.V. is reality,
And today the millions cry,
We eat and drink while tomorrow they die.
The real battle just begun.
To claim the victory Jesus won,
On a Sunday bloody Sunday,
Sunday bloody Sunday.

Happy Easter, everyone!
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Ticket Trade - LA Show


I pulled up 2 single tickets for the LA shows next week on TM and wanted to trade one!

The show I have is for 6-Ap. and wanted to trade for the 4-Ap show. The ticket is in section 210 and wanted to trade for something comparable (anything in the back 200's is fine (or better of course!)).

Please comment if you are interested in a TRADE ONLY!

I will re post if I end up selling it!


(of course, let me know if posting like this is not allowed:-))
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Update from San Diego.............

...... the thirty or forty people who were lined up outside the San Diego Sports Arena (iPayOne Center) parking lot earlier today (since noon) have been let into the parking lot now that the hockey game inside has come to an end. They are lined up at the main entrance and currently enjoying a fireworks show from nearby Sea World.

Don't worry about them catching cold overnight.... the weather here is gorgeous. :)

Just 22.5 hours to go..........

From, In Case You Haven't Seen It

Rehearsal Provides First Clues

U2 rehearsed their new show before a group of fans in Los Angeles tonight, opening with City of Blinding Lights and closing with 40.

As well as those who won competitions through US radio stations, the band also invited in a crowd of fans who had been waiting outside the Los Angeles Sports Arena.

City of Blinding Lights, played in front of a startling curtain of lights descending from the top of the stage, was immediately followed by a a trio of songs from Boy.

‘We’re going back to where it started for us,’ said Bono.

But not for long. Next up was Beautiful Day, the crowd already screaming the house down, and we were soon into three more songs from the new album: Miracle Drug, Sometimes You Can’t Make it On Your Own and Love and Peace.

As well as a great set of tracks, new and old, there were a series of dazzling production innovations providing clues to the look and staging of ‘Vertigo 2005’.

But we don’t want to give too much away because that might spoil the surprise for Monday - and anyway the band may decide to change the set completely.

Production insiders have told us that they have rehearsed a huge number of song so there is a lot to choose from.

And as if being part of such a select group to see U2 play live was not enough, this was also Easter Saturday - as the fans left the show, everyone was offered a chocolate egg!

More news from inside Vertigo 2005 as we get it

Sounds like a show well worth it's money! Woot!! *can barely contain excitement*
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