March 28th, 2005

Bono & I escape the paparazzi

The Tour Kicks Off Today!!!!!

I didn't see that anyone has posted this.....There is a great recap of last night's rehearsal on! What an AMAZING setlist we might get to hear! All of those songs from 'Boy'......Check it out:
link to U2 blog from
"At the end of the rehearsal, Bono asked us what we thought. He was expecting cheering, clapping, and screaming. The arena was silent. The silence was deafening. For the people in our section, our jaws were on the floor because we could NOT believe we were hearing 40 with Adam on guitar, Edge on bass. Our section's silence was because we were in complete shock, awe, amazement, and utter bewilderment. You left us speechless, as you always do, Bono."

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1 Portland GA ticket for sale

Testing the water here, not sure if there will be any interest at the moment seeing as its so far away. But it seems a waste to have a ticket going spare saving somebody ebay evilness.

I have 1 GA ticket available for the Portland show. Ticket is on willcall only, as I'm coming over from the UK. Only I will be able to pick this ticket up. I'am *definetly* going to this show (plus 3 others in the states). The ticket can only be handed over in person on the day of the show obviously. Please feel free to ask around for references, my name being Nicky McMillan.

Email me if your interested, We can work out details. Price is of course face value + TM fees.

Like I said I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in this purchase. But if your serious about going to this show, I have 1 ticket spare that you will get if you want it. My email addy is
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when was the last time u2 released a live album? under a blood red sky? maybe we'll get a recorded version of 40 after all :)and to those folks going to the tour, i'm insanely jeasole(sp), have a great time! (i would go but they arent playing close to where i live north carolina) prob a good thing cause bruce, coldplay, nine inch nails, greeen day, are touring and i need cash!
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basset hound and cat

(no subject)

Just heard from some GA peeps in SD. There are two GA lines: One for fanclub members and one for non fanclub members. They haven't said anything about a lottery yet.

So far two friends of mine are 397 and 398.

vm - drum beats out of time

(no subject)

I have an idea for a comm and I want to know if there is any interest. The idea is this:

Basically, a weekly post which gathers and organizes links regarding u2 on lj. Okay, I know the weekly post wouldn't do the gathering and organizing, I would, but you get the idea. The LOTR fandom has one of these and it's one of the most resourceful comms I've ever come across. There could be sections such as fan reports, graphics, discussions, picspams, official news, weekly website recommendations, ticket trades etc. Those are just a few obvious ideas, but the comm could include any catagories that fans are interested in. I think it would be especially useful with regard to fan reports for the upcoming tour, but rather than make a specific Vertigo Tour fan report comm, I thought this might be more useful and have more longevity. It's been my experience that this sort of comm compliments the more specific comms but does not render them obsolete.

I realize that I could never compete with some of the amazing websites out there, this would be more a picture of u2 on lj than of u2 on the internet.

Anyway, I would be more than willing to put together such a comm if there's interest. Moreover, if there is interest, this is obviously something that should get started right away. What with (OMG!!!) the first show being tonight and all :)

If you're interested, or if you think it's a complete waste of time, please leave a comment to let me know. Thanks :)

P.S. Here's a link to the LOTR comm I mentioned if you want to get an idea of what I'm talking about.
U2 Tree

Live in San Diego, six-&-a-half hours before showtime!!!

After a light rain this morning, the sun is shining and things are beautiful at the iPayOne Center in San Diego........ there are about five hundred people camped outside of the arena right now, in two designated sections. One is for paid members, another is for the general public with GA tickets...... several people have CD players blasting U2 music and anticipation is high. There are some twenty semi-trucks in the parking lot (it takes a lot of trucks to carry a concert tour!) but it's otherwise still fairly quiet. No radio stations on site yet, but people are constructing booths in the parking lot for the various promotions and giveaways....

Today's the day!!!!!!! I'll try to post at u2setlists tonight!

iTunes / U2 $50 off coupons

Sorry to make a rather uninteresting post, but I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience with iTunes and the U2 coupon:

Today I went to purchase the digital box set from iTunes. However, when I entered the code on my coupon it said it had expired. I went and asked my mom for the receipt for my iPod (it was a Christmas gift), and the date of purchase was 12/1/04, so today would be 117 days after purchase, not 120. I know I should have done this sooner, but I am a poor college student and dropping $100 on music (though I love it dearly), is a lot for me, so I had to save up. I bought a prepaid card every now and then I have accumulated $100 on my account. I did send the iTunes customer service an email, but I'm afraid they won't be able to help me in time, and I have also heard people saying how unhelpful they are.

Anyone have a similar experience? Is iTunes usually good about customer service?

This makes me really sad because I've been looking forward to downloading the set for a loooong time. :(

Thank you very much!


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(no subject)

Do you guys think it would be possible to keep concert spoilers under cut tags, if even only for a few days or weeks? Or do you all think that would be too much? I'm going to see them on the 1st (hopefully) and I don't want to have to not read this, because I love you guys too much, but if I have to I suppose I don't mind. Or at least just don't go "OmG theY PlaYED 'Alex Descneds into Hell for a Bottle of MIlk' and then 'lEmoN'" in 72 point font? Kthxbye.

Zoo TV Sydney

While we're all psyched about the upcoming tour, I was wondering if anyone would like me to put up links to download Zoo TV from Sydney. I have it on my computer, and I've already uploaded it for someone today, so I can post the links for you all as well, if there are people who'd like it.

Any takers?

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  • hue126

Song of The Day

Today's selection is

"Vertigo" from How to Dismantle An Atomic Bomb (2004)

Thoughts: Were it not for the iPod commercials that made this tune famous, it still would have been one of my favorite vignettes from the last stupendous album. Constant radio airplay (though it has lessened now) also helps. Beyond that, it's a song almost in the same vein as the leadoff single, "Beautiful Day," from All That You Can't Leave Behind. It seems to soar from the driving guitars and crazy drumbeats. It helps also that the chorus is always catchy and, to me, is the perfect short U2 song. Not as anthemic as "Beautiful Day" but it's just the right length of time to make it enjoyable.

Enjoy the kickoff to the Vertigo 2005 Tour, everyone!
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  • wydok

The GA line is now saying that although there was a separate line for the presale people, both lines were let in at the same time.

So it looks like the presale folks get a bit of a headstart, but not much.

Also, a question: Anyone know how people in GA lines in past concerts felt about others getting out of line to use the bathroom? Do they let you back in with your party, or do you pretty much have to hold it from the time you get in line until the end of the show? :)

My wife is hypoglaecemic, so she has to eat often, which means of course there would probably be a trip to the bathroom while in line. Either that or she faints from low blood sugar. :[

As promised....

Here's something to help tide over those of us who still have to wait before our concert!

Zoo TV from Sydney
Part One:

Part Two:

Please generate your own new links and post them in comments so everyone who wants these can get a crack at them. Thanks!


Edited to add: Could you comment if you take it, so I can upload new codes for people when we reach the limit on these? Thanks!
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Just had to share!

I just had to say I'm a happy owner of three tickets to the Detroit 10/25 show! Apparently, there were tickets re-released for sale because TM determined they were purchased by scalpers. So take that, dirty scoundrels! (...the scalpers, not you awesome people).

Even though I have behind the stage seats (section 206) I don't mind, now that I saw a picture of the stage set-up. I'd rather be closer there, than across the venue on the other side. However, my wallet is going to hate me for a few weeks, but I don't care!

I can't wait to read about the SD concert tomorrow! :D
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