March 29th, 2005


Updates from San Diego

I guess those who are updating from SD cant actually read this, but thanks for these updates anyways!!! :-D

Even tho I'm what, 9000 miles away?. It almost feels like I'm there. @U2Blog has updates from SD. Including a price list for the tour merch. $90 for a tshirt! Wow. The @u2 homepage will have the setlist posted as it happens.

Here's to a great year.
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Concert concerns

With the upcoming tour I have a few requests should any of you happen to get a few minutes with the boys perhaps you'll kindly pass along...

1st: Mix up the set list, PLEASE! If you're playing more than one date in a city, mix it up a bit! Have some fun!
2nd: If you're spending more than one day in a city, why not hang out a bit after the first show with the fans!
3rd: Perhaps before the start of each concert, have a roadie person run out there and maybe collect "requests". This would help mix up the set list a little and maybe the fans will get to hear some songs they haven't in a long time.
4th: Keep an eye on the arena people. We'll be waiting for you long before you ever get there, eager to experience the revival. Unfortunately the arena folks don't understand this and they tend not to be very nice to us.
5th: Above all PLEASE play With or Without You, it only brings up a zillion joyful emotions and passions in me but I'd kinda like to hear it again.

ok that's my list :)

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Say you had tickets relativly close but to the side of the stage. Would you still get a good view based on the concert last night and the stage setup? My girlfriend is worried about our May 12th show in Chicago. And yeah on the last entry. What is for sale? Some of the shirts looked like they were 80 bucks. Is there any posters or stuff like that? Anyways, any help on the stage would be appreciated. She is worried that since our seats are directly to the side even though they are very very close we wont be able to see the band.
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Song of The Day

Today's selection is

"Beautiful Day" from All That You Can't Leave Behind (2000)

Thoughts: "Vertigo", yesterday's song, is a shorter, mirror version of this song. Since ATYCLB was the return to the classic U2 sound that they were famous for, it seemed natural they would open with this soaring anthem, as if to say, "Here we are, people. The U2 you know and love never left." Its endlessly catchy melody and chorus is the sort of thing that defines U2 singles: they are immediately catchy and stay that way for a long time. My personal favorite touch is the echo that the backing vocals provide during the chorus. I also like how the middle of the song seems to get the band a little rest before rising up again in another bombastic, rousing chorus. And the music video rules.

Of course, it has to be a beautiful day outside here in San Diego, but then, it's like this about 80 percent of the year.
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Hey guys, I dunno if this is even allowed in here, but I was wondering if anyone had ANY TICKETS they hadn't managed to trade or sell for ANY SHOWS in LA or Anaheim coming up in the next two weeks, April 1st or 2nd in Anaheim, and April 5th or 6th in LA. I'd prefer GA, but if not, honestly I just want to be in the building. And I only want ONE ticket. I mean I'll take two, because I'm sure I can find other poor souls out there who'll gladly take one, but I only *need* one. Kthxbye.
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For those who attended last night's show, how were the security as far as people taking pictures? On my tickets it says "no recorders or camera's" the recoding thing i can understand, but when the last 3 times i've seen them, there was never any issue with camera's/picture taking?

I know this varies from venue to venue, as far as what the security is like, but, was wondering if anyone else's tickets has the "no recorder's, no camera's" warning on them...
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I can't believe I won't be able to see them :( Makes me so sad, especially when I go look at the pictures and setlists and think about how long I've waited for them to come. But that's what a mixture of being a poor college student and going to school out in the midde of nowhehre does for you...I think I'm going to keep trying to get tickets for the Dallas show on ebay. It's not too difficult to get to Dallas from Lubbock. So what if I miss a football game haha.

I hope everyone is having an absolutely FANTASTIC time at the shows!
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Recording of last night's show

FLAC files of last night's show are now available via BitTorrent here (registration required). If you're not familiar with BT, you need to download a BT client like Azureus; a BT faq is here. However, the taper is also making mp3s available, so check here for those. I'll be editing this post with mp3 links to the first part of the show in a few minutes...

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inteference oddness

What's up with Interference? Every time I try to go anywhere on the board, I get a message telling me I need to register. But there was one time today that I could get there like normal, but when I went back, it was dead again. Do I really have to sign up? Not that I don't want to, but I wonder what's going on.
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I've posted a bunch of watermarked pics from the show last night. For those of you concerned about seats at the back or around the side of the stage, I think it's pretty clear that you have nothing to worry about. For the Actung Baby tour or Popmart maybe, but for this show? Not so much. Enjoy!

1. Spoilers for what the set looks like
2. Not dial-up friendly

Pics this way...
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I think another person in this community commented earlier about how we're all in this fan-ness together, no matter when you started listening or which album was your first. I just love that. Anoter group I like (The Dresden Dolls) their community on here is always bitching about how many new people have tarted listening to the music, and how many people are trying to emulate the group.

well I say, feck yeah! you love something show appreciation! it's all about the music, spreading it, sharing it, enjoying it.

we've got taste as u2 fans, but we're not ' musical elitists' and I'm just glad for that.

just a rant, sowwie :-P
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When the Legends U2 magazine came out i ran out to the store and bought. Upon buying it i got in the car and started to pan through it. It was not until i was halfway home that i noticed the magazine i had purchased was falling apart, so i was forced to buy a new one. I was left with a falling apart magazine that i refused to throw out due to the fact it was U2. As of today i've began to put it to good use.

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Los Angeles Venue Information for upcoming U2 shows

March 29, 2005

Guests with General Admission ("Floor GA") tickets will be directed to enter the building south of the Figueroa Street entrance, near Figueroa Street and 12th Street. Line-ups may begin no earlier than 9:00 AM on the day of the concert. Once entering the facility, all guests in your party must remain in line together. Entrance into the U2 Ellipse is determined at random by a tour ticket scanning system . Please note that NO CAMERAS of any kind are permitted in STAPLES Center for this show. STAPLES Center security and event policies do apply.

Is anyone else worried? or am I just worrying too much. No cameras at all?!?!?


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I got a question. Where exactly can I find pictures of the "eclipse" stage design as well as the merchandise such as the hoodies. I went to but got kinda confused. the set sounds interesting but Im out of luck when it comes to finding photos from opening night.

PS-I am so stoked for the show on 5/12 in Chicago. Ive been trying to see U2 since Popmart tour and my gf (not that big of a u2 fan) got me and her tickets as my valentines gift. also the concert falls on our 4 year anniversary which makes it even better. I have every U2 album made and am even thinking of getting a tatoo maybe like the all that you cant leave behind heart suitcase thingy. Oh well Im rambling on but any help you guys can give would be amazing. Thanks