March 31st, 2005

Meeting the members...

Okay, well I've heard from concert reviews or experiences of people waiting outside the venue to meet with possibly Bono or the Edge as they come in the venue. How can I achieve this? How early do the members arrive to the venue? How early should I be there. I'd like to meet them at Staples Center... I believe where the back entrance is for the venue, but can someone who has a clue please inform me.

I'd like to thank Bono for changing my life with his actions and simply playing the music he plays and show him my One campaign wristband... and maybe take a picture with him. :)


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if anyone has one i NEED recording of last nights show. hehe. reading reviews, it sounds like this show totally suprassed opening night as the band were far more relaxed and more die hard fans were in attendance as opposed to a lot of media types like for opening night. we all need to hear GLORIA!!! if someone has it, post it for us or send it to me!!
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San Diego 3/30/2005 recording

A recording of last night's show is up at easytree, and gorman at Interference is in the process of uploading mp3s. Like yesterday, I'll be updating this post as the concert comes in. You can find mp3 links to the whole show behind the cut now.

Collapse )

Again, please re-upload songs if you can!

Edit: Because of my bandwidth limits, I won't be able to re-upload anything; if you want to download the show, either check the comments on this post or go to Interference, specifically this forum, and check the threads labeled "Important" at the top -- lots of Interferencers are uploading these files, so hopefully you should be able to find what you need.

MUSIC: Hello Hello - U2's Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction

New member says hello!

I know a few weeks back bellanut posted her three tracks from the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Induction.... but for me? Three was just not enough. So I used up my audio editor's free trial, cut up those three into 11 tracks, cleaned them up, and threw in some cover art for good measure.

Since it was this comm that made it all possible, I thought it fitting to share with you the spoils of my labor.


ETA: I guess there was problems with the YSI links. I've recently uploaded them to my web server, so if you tried and it didn't work, try again. Sorry for the trouble!

Later days!
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Does anyone have the origional version of The Sweetest Thing they'd be willing to send me? I'm pretty sure I have it on vinyl, but haven't listened to it, and my vinyls are at my house at uni.
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Hi, there’s an incredibly, wonderful, person out there (who also happens to be a friend by name of Amy) that felt generous and wanted to share some U2 goodies, so for your pleasure here’s some videos of things the boys did on the side (.mpeg)

Mafia U2 (26.9 Mb)
(All members, JT era)

Comic Relief (3.4 Mb)
(Bono and Larry, ATYCLB era)

Stereoized (1.7 Mb)
(Adam, Boy/October era)

Fair warning: When they expire, they expire. So for anyone that grabs, and likes being nice, you could make a yousendit of your own to help spread the love.
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Song of The Day

Today's selection is

"Pride (In The Name of Love)" from The Unforgettable Fire (1984)

Thoughts: I know it's completely cliché, but this remains my favorite U2 song of all-time. Probably because it was the first song I remember hearing of the band and it was the song that made me fall in love with U2. Yes, once again, I say that I've succombed to cliché, but I don't care really. "Pride" is the song that, I think, defines U2 more than anything else. There is no other song, at least from the time I started listening to music, that so signifies any other band than this song. It's like actors in defining roles. You can't imagine any other band would have the guts to match what U2 did with this song. If I were to hear a cover of this song, I would turn the radio off. No question. No other band can duplicate the signature sound that U2 does. Okay, enough gushing. The song begins on the perfect note and just jumps right into it. The chorus is as anthemic as they come. What's unique about this U2 song is that, ever since I first heard it ten years ago (during a preview for a movie no less), I've developed favorable feelings to different parts of the song. I first loved the backing, driving guitar, then I loved the beginning of the second verse ("One man caught on a barbed wire fence"), then I loved the instrumental bridge (which, I think, remains such a strong solo), and then the "Mmm"'s that followed, and it goes back and forth. I just, I love this song with all my heart. I break into cheers whenever I hear it on the radio or it plays on my Winamp list. It was the song that made me a U2 fan.
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A new book, if anyone is interested

Hello, Hello, Hola Boston U2-ers!

I recently went to San Diego (as in Monday) for the tour opener. It was profound for me and made me want to right about the band and their affects on me as I went through the tour with them (I will see them 8 times by the end of the year).

I'm compiling my work in Blog form for now (my handwriting is akin to ancient sanskrit). Its located here:

Some of you may or may not find it interesting and I'm always open to comments and discussions in this blog, which is why I left the comment feature on. If you're not interested, thats cool too.

I'm currently transcribing my stone tables to a more useful digital form, so you'll start to see more and more about Monday's tour opener and such. Its as much U2 as it is autobiographical. After my final Boston show in December, I'll start compiling the Blog into book format with pretty pictures and maybe even some quotes from LJ comments that fit.

Also, there are plenty of spoilers in there and no LJ cuts. If you're staying spoil free `til your show, i'd suggest avoiding it for now.

I will be giving the LJ a clean, U2 appearance shortly, but the words are more important than the delivery, at the moment.

Thanks if you read, and thanks if you don't flame more for spamming the community with this.
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Missing songs from 3/28

Hi, all. Could someone please help a poor girl who was working so hard she missed half the links from the 3/28 show? If anyone has the following, I would be eternally grateful:

Beautiful Day
New Year's Day
Miracle Drug
Running to Stand Still
The Fly

Thank you so much! I'll be quicker on the draw with the upcoming concerts, I promise. ;-)
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the edge

ive been listening to Running To Stand Still from the last two shows, and ive realized something that i had forgotten before.

The Edges voice is so beautiful, it makes me cry. I wish he would sing more than backing vocals. I love the version of Sunday Bloody Sunday that he sang.

I just had to get that out to people who would understand. I tried explaining to my friend and she looked at me like i was crazy.
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I don't know why, but for years and years, I thought "With Or Without You" was the song they played during the future scene of "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure."

That was a great movie but it would have been so much better with "WOWY" in it....
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Tomorrow's concert

Tomorrow is April Fool's Day. I wonder if the band will play a joke on the crowd. Like come out as the Dalton Bros., or turn around and face the back of the stage. Or play their setlist backwards.

Anyone know if they've had April Fool's Day concerts before? Have they played a trick any of those times?
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