April 2nd, 2005

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  • wydok

Wearing their heart on their sleeves

Bono has always been a crusader for the poor and sick, and he has shared political views both in and out of tours, but have you noticed the loss or pretense this time around?

During the 90s, their messages where wrapped, and sometimes hidden, in the glitz and the glamor they used ironicly during both ZooTV and PopMart.

The first two shows of the Veritgo World Tour, I think, were much more open and obvious about their potlical and religious views. The same, I think, goes with their videos. Especially SYCMIOYO

Miracle Drug

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Did any of you see Bono's little speech on the Gospel Music Awards last night? It was nice. :) The video was introduced by Amy Grant and Vince Gill. -_- ..He gave this beautiful speech about the One campaign, mentioned some scriptures, admitted to being a big Jars Of Clay fan. It was kind of funny though, everyone at the awards seemed to think the video was live or something. How funny, not only was he not in Dublin last night, but he was a world away playing in California, right? Hehe. Anyway, was a nice bit of U2ism to get to see.
  • theelk

plea for music!

I was wondering if some kind soul could send me the 30th of March San Diego files that were posted around the u2 comms as i had a cold and missed out on d/ling them. :(

thanks for your help!

vm - drum beats out of time

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The third Verigo show is coming in again. No one else seems to be uploading it, so I can keep doing it. If someone else is doing it in a better way just let me know and I'll stop :)


NOTE: Please post uploads at the original my original post, NOT this one. Just to keep things together :)