April 3rd, 2005

MP3 request...

Does anyone happen to have a copy of "With or Without" from the Live in Boston DVD? The scene where Bono takes the girl onstage, they lie down and he sings "And we'll shine like stars in the summer night...."

I want to play it on my radio show on Tuesday.

shake it salome

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Hello all!

I just have a quick question. I was looking through my HTDAAB booklet a few days ago, looking at the lyrics to "One Step Closer". As the song came to a close, my eyes traveled down to one small line, "Special thanks to Noel Gallagher." Now, I am a huge Oasis fan as well as a huge U2 fan, so I was wondering if anyone had and idea of why Noel was thanked for this.


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General Admission

I was fortunate enough to win a bid on 2 GA tickets for the 12/4 show at the TD Banknorth Garden. Anyone have any tips for me as to getting a good seat?(How early to arrive, etc.) Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
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