April 4th, 2005

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I have a quick question:

I have the choice of taking tickets either behind the stage (lower level), or beside the stage (upper level). For those of you who have been to a concert on this current tour, which tickets would you suggest? I have no idea what it'll be like sitting behind the stage.

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OH MAN. SIX MINUTES THIS TIME. This is beyond insane. How is someone supposed to compete with that kind of madness?????

Are there going to be ANY MORE Florida shows???? Besides the two in Miami and one in Tampa??? Please say yes and then tell me how to get four tickets *cries* Maroon 5 + U2 = the concert of the universe for me. I am so crushed.

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Song of The Day

I took the weekend off from "Song of The Day" due to a trip to see relatives and friends in the Orange County area. Today's song was intended to be Saturday's song had I gotten some kind of computer access, which did not happen.

Today's selection is

"Miracle Drug" from How to Dismantle An Atomic Bomb (2004)

Thoughts: In my mind, this is the best song on How to Dismantle An Atomic Bomb, which says something because I think the album is one of U2's strongest. I dare say it's better than the epic ballad, "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own", which does make its own strong case for the best song. "Miracle Drug" is rarely ever mentioned by people, unless they are pretty big fans of the band (at least that I've seen), but I just think it's the best because of its constant re-playability. I can play this song over and over and not get tired of it. Plus, if I were playing the cd in order, the rocking high produced by "Vertigo" is brought down a notch by this soulful song, despite a kind of ambiguity or sort of word association poetry in the lyrics. It starts slowly, then punches me in the gut with this driving guitar as Bono hits the chorus. It's like the band is building up speed before launching full-tilt into a sprint. Then, the song tightens its grip and doesn't let go. The rhythm is established, the tone is right there, and the band just works it over. My favorite part of the song is still when they finish the second chorus and then heads into the instrumental solo, then Edge goes into the beautiful bridge that is punctuated by this beautiful driving guitar that seems to make the song soar. The song seems to just speak to me. Whereas, "Vertigo", the previous song, yelled and screamed and was right in my face, "Miracle Drug" pulled all that bravado back and showed the band's heart and soul.

The album really hit me with this sort of six-punch combo, which is an amazing way to start an album. "Vertigo" to this to "Sometimes..." to "Love and Peace and Else" to "City of Blinding Lights" to "A Man and a Woman". And it is really difficult in music to string five or six consecutive songs that are consistently good and have quality. Closest I can think of is Mezzanine by Massive Attack.
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All caught up?

Hey, everyone. Are we all caught up on the first three shows? I have MP3s of the full three shows that I'm willing to put up on YSI.

I'll have to do it individually, however, as my computer just couldn't handle putting a zip file of the show in two halves up.


Am I the only one that can't stop listening to COBL from Anahiem??
The opening is amazing.
just wondering what other people thought.
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Hey everyone~

I had the inspiration to write my 15-page senior thesis paper exploring the inspiration for and meaning behind U2 lyrics. I am fascinated by this topic, and I believe that even a non-U2 fan could appreciate an essay which delves into the beautiful metaphors of the lyrics and the musical brilliance of the songwriting.

I was wondering if there were any particular websites or, even better, books, that would aid me in my research. While I have my own interpretations of songs, I also would like to read others' opinions.

Furthermore, what do you think? Are there any songs that strike you as particularly meaningful and poignant? How have U2's lyrics affected you? What do you think would make my paper truly representative of U2's genius?

Any responses would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks =)
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Two questions

1) Maybe this was just a rumor, but I thought I remembered reading something about actual legitimate recordings of Vertigo Tour shows that they were thinking about making available on iTunes, à la John Mayer's "As/Is" concert series. Does anyone else remember this? It was apparently just a rumor (unless they're going to release the best shows of the tour sometime later in the year), but I swear I read something about this. Anyone else? Or am I imagining things?

2) It was this community that first made me aware of the "Miss You Sugar" inscription on HTDAAB, but I never caught the reasoning behind it. Could someone fill me in on what it means?


PS: Can't wait for Chicago next month! :-)
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Angel Wings

I know everyone has seen the black sweater Bono wears in "Sometimes you can't..." music video with the angel wings in the back. Has anyone found any pictures of it alone or with Bono? I like to have it for a desktop background. OR any information on it, I'd like to buy own one of my own.... maybe not wear it but frame it. Hah, Thanks.
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