April 6th, 2005

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I know they probably won't, and it doesn't really matter since I'm not going anyway, but, were I going to their show and they played Bad as part of their setlist, I'm pretty sure I'd just die. Right there.
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Taking a camera?

Staples are such JERKS about taking in Cameras...they told my friend to return her camera to the car...and yes, it was well hidden all the way at the botom of her purse...yes under her "female products". But here is a hint for you guys...Just go in through another entrance! I wasnt about to walk all the way back to the car so we went to another entrance with different security and got in....Remember every guard is different!
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Song of The Day

Today's selection is

"Discotheque" from Pop (1997)

Thoughts: Now, don't shoot me, but I have not heard this song before. I mentioned in a comment on a previous post (I believe it was "Lemon" from Zooropa) that I have not heard certain albums in the U2 canon and Pop is one of them.
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achtung baby

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BONO has revealed all to NME.COM about U2's fears that their VERTIGO world tour wouldn’t get off the ground.

The band kicked off the year-long jaunt in San Diego last week a month late, following the original date being delayed due to a family illness.

And Bono admitted that pre-match nerves on top of that had made that band “sick”. Coming off stage, he said: “It’s still a strange feeling. We were sick with the rehearsals for this tour. We weren’t getting lift-off. If you’d seen the rehearsal show, you wouldn’t believe we would get to San Diego.

“You take all these different elements and try to create something special. And when we got up there, we were lucky and we got it straight away. But, you know, this is a tour we didn’t even know was going to happen. There were many obstacles – there were personal problems and big things to get through so it’s amazing to me we got there at all. We didn’t have much time to rehearse but we wanted to play. I still saw a band with a lot to prove but I also saw a band the most comfortable they have ever been in their skin.”

Bono also explained why the Vertigo setlist included so many songs from the band’s debut ‘Boy’, such as ‘Electric Company’ and ‘An Cat Dubh’: “There is a strong link between those songs and the new album. The first was an ode to innocence and the new one is innocence regained. The first album is becoming a bit of a cult classic for bands like The Killers who talk about it. We thought it was time.”

U2’s world tour hits the UK in June, and Bono promised a few surprises. He said: “We’ll stick with it the way it is for the next few shows. We have other material to get working on. A few surprises to bring as the tour gets on. We tried a few things (on the first night) that didn’t always work. ‘Elevation’ went a bit south and we came off at the corners a few times with ‘The Fly’. You know, I wasn’t sure what we were before, if we were still a rock band. But when I was whacking the tambourine on ‘All Because Of You’, it felt like an old song, like we were back, like we were a rock band again. At times it was a political rally, at time it was a gospel tent, at times it was a Las Vegas show.”
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After listening to a couple songs from the first show, i was thinking of when i'll get to see them in denver, and it spawned a couple questions.. Let's say, Im going with a friend or two, (im a fanclub member, but my friends' arent) now, we have general admission seats.. does that mean, we can all actually get separated? I mean that would suck if im only going with one of my friends.. Don't get me wrong, i'll still have a piping good time, but, wouldnt be quite the same, as I've seen U2 with my friend the last 3 times we were able to catch them..

Under a Pitch Black Sky: U2 Marathon 2

Hey everyone--

This Friday the 8th, at 10 PM mountain standard time, I'll be hosting my second Under a Pitch Black Sky: All Night U2 Marathon on 88.9 FM, KRFC in Fort Collins, CO.

This second time around, in honor of the upcoming Denver concert, I'll be playing A LOT of live stuff, from the early days to this tour. Plus tons of rarities, b-sides, bootleg remixes and more. Plus we'll be ending with the complete Live in Boston concert.

Plus I'll be giving away a few rare U2 prizes!

If you don't live in Ft. Collins and want to listen, you can online by clicking here:http://krfcfm.org/stream/index.php?view=graphics

I hope everyone can make it. I'll repost this Friday night.
In the meantime, if you have any requests, post here and I'll see what I can do.

Twitchy Winky

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okay ya, anyone who's been to a show yet and brought a camera

was it hard to sneak it by security?

i just looked at my tickets and they say "no cameras" and yes, i really want to bring one!


hello all,

the original buyer seemed to drop off the planet/ignore me, so after an e-mail warning them and no reply 2 days later i am putting my ticket up for grabs once again.

i am selling a SINGLE ticket for U2's DEC 4th show at the FLEETcenter (boston).
you will be in LOGE 6, ROW 15, SEAT 1

it's a real live ticket (NOT ticketfast) and i'm selling at what i bought it for: $180.40, and the .40 is up to you. payment form will be discussed when necessary.

pleeeease take this off me, i'd greatly appreciate it. interested? leave a comment.
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