April 8th, 2005

i'm i crazy?

ok i love zoo station. i love atchung baby. when i saw zoo station on the set list i was estactic. but honestly i dont like it at all. i want to but bono really needs to learn the lyircs and stop making up crap, im sorry i dont mind when bono improvs but for this one song it sounds wrong. idk im a crazy?
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We surrender U2

We Southern Californians now surrender U2 to Northern California, the rest of the country, and the rest of world. Please take care of our boys and bring them back in one piece in November...
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Reita Katana

Local DJ pulls my chain!

Okay, here's the set up. I attend a University that is an hour +/- commute from my home. I work there as well, and I have the late shift on Tuesday's from 5 - 8 p.m. The radio station that I listen to has the program called "80s at 8" at the time I get off work. So, Tueday night I felt adventurous and called up to request ANY U2 song she would play for me. She said sure.

I listen. 8... 8:15... 8:25... 8:30... no U2... 8:45... 8:50... no U2. Another program, the "TNT: Top Nine Tonight", starts at 9, so it's safe to say that at 9, I was pretty peeved. Number 9 played (Green Day's "Blvd. of Broken Dreams") and then... Number 8!

I about jumped through the roof! The lady DJ pulled my chain! "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own" was Number 8 on the countdown! Needless to say, that's the first time I ever heard it! It's a great song!

I'm still a bigger fan of "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" myself though.
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Pleased to meet you

I've been on LJ for awhile, just never got around to joining the U2 community. Guess, tour time is as good as any to jump right in.

I was lucky enough to get into the LA dress rehearsal. It was an amazing night.

Honestly, I hadn't planned on seeing any shows on the first leg, because, U2 usually hits there stride near the end of the tour. However, seeing that rehearsal got me HOOKED and I wanted more.

I ended up going to Anaheim 1 at the last minute. Got a GREAT seat and loved it.

Hopefully, the pics I took will turn out well. Still need to get them developed.

Hope those of you going to San Jose enjoy the show!
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Song of the Day

Today's selection is

"Red Hill Mining Town" from The Joshua Tree (1987)

Thoughts: The song just seems to hum sonically so well. Whatever that means. It's really easy on the ears and that's why I like it. It just seems like the kind of song where you have your boombox running on batteries and you're just chillin' on the porch or something smoking a cigarette and strumming on your guitar. At least, that's the imagery I get from hearing the song. I like how there's the single guitar riff that stands out from the rest of the pulsing instrumentation. And the vocals? Wow. By now, in The Joshua Tree, Bono has refined and controlled his voice so well that he's able to manipulate into producing a ton of different ranges, all of which he uses to full effect on this song. The song, as with nearly every U2 song, bleeds passion and desperation and seems to just soar right into the heart and soul. They get down to everything that is essential in their lives, it feels like and just taps into it. The song really just breathes so well.
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I have met another U2 fanatic here at work! We've been emailing and gushing all afternoon. She hasn't seen many of the officially released concerts, nor does she have any bootlegs. Boy, am I going to have fun putting together a care package for her! She has, however, read U2 At the End of the World, so she's a Real Big Fan. *g*

She was working at reception when Bono came to visit our workplace and is going to dig up her tale of meeting him. I guess she knew the day before that he would be coming, and she said she couldn't sleep at all.

Yay! Someone to squee with in real life!

U2 Michigan Tickets for sale

This show is SOLD OUT
I have 2 U2 tickets for sale for Monday October 27th, 2005, 60 a piece face value, rear stage, obstructed view, section 208 or 203 I am not sure
E-Mail me for more info

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So I have a question for everyone...
Does anyone know if they guys accept gifts?
Like if I was to meet them (miraculously) after/before one of the shows?
Or what about if I am in/outside the elipse?
could I put something on the stage for Bono?
Just wondering because I am thinking if making something for Bono this summer
and don't want to go through all the trouble if I won't be able to get it to him.
thx in advance :)
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Under a Pitch Black Sky: All Night U2 Marathon

Hey everyone--

Tonight, at 10 PM mountain standard time (in roughly 30 minutes) I'll be hosting the second Under a Pitch Black Sky: All Night U2 Marathon on 88.9 FM, KRFC in Fort Collins, CO.

This second time around, in honor of the upcoming Denver concert, I'll be playing A LOT of live stuff, from the early days to this tour. Plus tons of rarities, b-sides, bootleg remixes and more. Plus we'll be ending with the complete Live in Boston concert.

Plus I'll be giving away a few rare U2 prizes like a rare vinyl 45, some books and a few other suprises.

If you don't live in Ft. Collins and want to listen, you can online by clicking here:http://krfcfm.org/stream/index.php?view=graphics

If you're listening or have a request, post here and let me know!


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K. I feel stupid for asking this, but

I bought tickets on Ebay, and we got them in the mail today, and it says in the fine print on the ticket that the tickets are no good if resold. Does this mean they won't let us into the concert because our name doesn't match the one on the tickets? Help!


Hey there, I was just wondering if anyone is attempting a meet-n-greet this weekend.

I saw a post about someone in San Diego meeting Bono after the show a couple of days ago...however, on the last tour, I found out from some "old-timers" and one of their truck drivers that they never stop after shows, only before. I attempted this at their last Sacramento show but they showed up late so they didn't stop. Sad face.

So yeah, is anyone else planning on doing this in San Jose this weekend, waiting for them before the show? (If the weather is as shitty tomorrow as it was today I might not do it...okay, that's a lie, I'll make my boyfriend wait in the wet cold with me!)
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