April 10th, 2005

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that was the single most enlightening concert of my life. i have no problem with meeting my maker now. i feel as though i dont have to go to church tomorrow.

i cant remember the setlist, but thy opened with "city of blinding lights", and i THINK think think that they played "crumbs from your table", which i really wasnt expecting.

i seriously dont think that i have ever been so content in life before.
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hello, hello... My ears are still ringing from tonight's show and my throat hurts for the singing, but I stand in awe of them again. Each of them individually are simply breathtakingly talented that together as a unit, they take my breath away. I need to get a copy of this show, does anyone know where I should look to find bootlegs of 4.9.05 San Jose.

ps: I could meet God tonight and I have to say, it wouldn't be ok, but that's only because I have to go see U2 again tomorrow! After that, His will be done...hehe.
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Gotta a question....

Hi Everyone!

I've been seeing all of these U2 icons pop up that have the black background with the red bullseye-like thing with the date and city of the concert seen....

Does anyone one know where I can get one of those for Denver on April 20th? I would appreciate it.

And, my apologies if this type of post is not allowed. I was just curious.

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Song of The Day

It's been a tired Sunday. Even so, today's selection is

"Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own" from How to Dismantle An Atomic Bomb (2004)

Thoughts: I can remember specifically the instant I fell for this song. It was featured at the end of a November 2004 episode of The OC about two weeks before the album was to be released to the public. I knew, in that instant, that I loved the song. The vocals from Bono seemed so familiar and so soothing. The melody carried itself so well. I knew that I had to get the album at some point. Just had to. "Vertigo" may have been the starting point, but this song sealed that need for me. I knew that this song would eventually get released as a single, though I was really hoping it wouldn't because the overexposure would kill any love I had for the song. And it has. U2's video for the song is on constant rotation on both MTV and VH1 and it seems like the song is everywhere. My personal favorite part is still the part of the chorus where the backing vocals go falsetto to deliver, "And it's you when I look in the mirror. And it's you when I don't pick up the phone." It feels almost transcendent. I used to be a tenor in the choir before my voice changed and I can still hit some high notes in the tenor range, but I've found that singing this song is really rough on tenor voices. It's almost like "I Will Always Love You" and soprano voices. The range of the notes is pretty wide. The live version of the song sung at this year's Grammys prove how difficult the notes can be, even with a skilled musician like Bono in firm command of things. It seemed like he was straining to hit some of the notes and mold it around the phrasing. That being said, it's such a heartfelt and emotional song, one of the album's very best tracks, but the one deterrent for me is that it starts out too slow for my taste.
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Oakland show!

Oh my gosh! They were so good last night, that I just bought tickets for the Oakland 11/8 show this Nov. I so hope it's worth it cuz I'm going broke!

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ONE Campaign commercial debuts soon

At 8:59 PM EDT (i.e. 20 minutes from now), in the USA, a ONE Campagain comercial will be debuting on all Mtv networks (that means Mtv, Mtv2, VH1, Nickelodeon, TVLand, etc.). if you can, you might want to check it out.

Not sure about other timezones or countries, though. :)

Sizing on the U2.com Shop

I know this has been asked before, and I apologize. I've been searching the archives to no avail mainly because I am super tired and my brain is not functioning at its best.

I was wondering what the t-shirt sizes on the U2.com Shop are like. I am a rather petite girl, and I usually wear an adult small or youth large t-shirt. In juniors/misses, I wear either a small or medium. I really like the men's t-shirts because there's more designs I like, but I'm afraid if I order a small in those it will be too large. I've also thought about ordering a youth large of the black shirt with the silver U2 logo, but I am afraid that it could be too small. Does anyone know if the youth large is similar in size to a ladies small tee?

Thanks in advance for your help. <3

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Unpopular Opinion Alert

Okay. So everyone's all giddy because "The Ocean" made an appearance in concert.

Me? I had to go back and pull out "Boy" to see which song "The Ocean" actually was. Yeah okay, it's cool they're pulling out a kind of obscure track. But if they're going to dig back in the catalogue, pick something that's an actual song, not just this short, atmospheric half-song thing.

Are THEY playing it because the die hard fans will jabber about it for weeks, or because they thought it deserved to be played live? Because honestly, listening to a not-very-good-quality MP3 of it, it barely sounded like much of anything.

We could go on and on about old songs we'd rather hear in place of it, but maybe I'm just misjudging the popularity of this song. Do you guys actually dig the song, or is it more of a pleasant surprise reaction?

Is it "Ooh, they're playing The Ocean! I love this song!"

Or is it more of "Hey, they're playing The Ocean! I never thought they'd play this one again!"