April 11th, 2005

Vertigo Tour Icons

Forgive me, for I usually do not post anything about u2 icons in this community.  However, I noticed from an earlier post here that alot of people were interested in the style of icon that's been going around lately, with the bullseye and the tour date of the show they will be going to or have already attended (see my personal icon for an example).  I was inspired to make a set for EVERY SINGLE DATE, including all 3 legs.  :D  The font and style are yoinked directly from imagine_52, in particular... Although I have no idea who originally started this particular style.  Anyhow, if I've left any out, please let me know!  I've organized them by date, so it should be fairly easy to find the show you are looking for.  :D

1.Please comment and let me know what you're taking. Like any icon maker, I like to know where my stuff is going!
2. While credit is extremely flattering, it is certainly not necessary. However, if you would like to do so anyhow, please credit elevationist or ebongray.
3. If you do take anything, then you must be willing share it with others. These icons are not for specific people - anyone can use them!
4. Please upload icons to your own server. Bandwidth limitations bring down good websites every day. ;)

Bring on the fake cuts!

( 1st Leg - North America )

( 2nd Leg - Europe )

( 3rd Leg - North America )

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FYI: Just passing it along.....

My boyfriend subscibes to email updates from a computer expert called Kim Komando and every once in awhile there is some information about iPods and/or Apple. Since a lot of people here got the U2 iPod, I thought you might want to see this.....

Send your iPod for battery replacement

Q. Is it really true that when Apple replaces the battery in your iPod, it doesn't return the same exact iPod? A friend told me Apple replaces iPods with refurbished ones. He also said the new one doesn't have your music on it.

A. You know, I had not thought of this until you wrote so I did some research. As it turns out, the answer is yes. If you send your iPod for battery replacement, you won't get the same one back. Apple will replace the iPod with either a new, used or refurbished unit.

For that matter, iPods sent for any type of service are replaced. And Apple won't transfer music or data from the old one. So it's important to back up your iPod before sending it in. In fact, Apple requests that you remove all data from it.

You probably already have a copy of your music on your computer. If you use your iPod as a portable drive, back up the data. Connect the iPod to your computer and drag the data to the hard drive.

When you get the "new" iPod back, you can transfer your playlists and music to it. iTunes automatically synchronizes it. If you've turned off automatic synchronization, you can manually transfer songs. Simply drag them from iTunes to the iPod icon.

With a FireWire or USB 2.0 connection, two or three songs transfer per second. Still, if you have 20 gigabytes of music, it can take a while.

You should also think about custom engraving. If your iPod was engraved by a third party, the replacement won't be engraved. However, if Apple engraved your iPod, it will engrave the replacement unit.

You can replace the battery yourself and there are places that claim they can do it. But the iPod warranty says that it does not cover problems caused by unauthorized work. So if you open the machine and mess it up, the warranty probably won't apply.

I hope that this helps all of you who bought/were given one.....
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Ticket.. that's right, just ONE Ticket to U2 in Philly

Hey Folks, Ticketmaster's website screwed up when I was ordering my ticket and I wound up with tickets to two shows instead of just the one. Because I'm in school at State College this summer, I can only swing one show (The Saturday Night show), so I'm looking to offload the other ticket to anyone who wants it. The ticket is for the Sunday May 22nd show at the Wachovia Center in Section 105, I can scan it and post a copy if you want verification. I'm not looking to turn a profit or anything, just to get my money back since Ticketmaster wouldn't cancel the order or give me a refund.
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"Last Night On Earth" (Song of The Day)

Today's selection is

"Last Night On Earth" from Pop (1997)

Thoughts: I like the dark mood that is set by this song. It starts, appropriately, with the bass and guitar riffs setting the tone and never letting go. I like how the chorus has the rest of the band echoing the words that Bono sings. It's like the song was really set for the kind of dancing that you would see at clubs that would often lead to sex. The kind of yearning that Bono sings about is the stuff that taps into the deepest desires of the soul. It's animal and primal and stirs with abandon and passion. The song is very sexy and urgent at its heart. A real surprise since I didn't expect to like it so much. What a song!
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Is it true that U2 played Original Of The Species last night?  I can't seem to find an official setlist anywhere, for some odd reason.
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I just got back from the San Jose shows and...oh maaaaan. Wonderful, surreal, amazing.

There are quite a few pix, so I'll separate them into two posts.

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I have many of these available as desktops (1024x768). Email me at ladyclayton AT livejournal DOT com if you're interested.

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more pix!

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I have many of these available as desktops (1024x768). Email me at ladyclayton AT livejournal DOT com if you're interested.

All photos presented in this post © Eilis Peale. Unauthorized use is prohibited.
Things shared online do not automatically become public domain.
For more information, read: What is Copyright Protection?
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Aussie info... I guess

From an email sent by House of Travel to people who'd registered interest in travel packages:


Thank you for registering your interest to attend the Australian concerts.

Last week we received another update from the U2 promoters. Unfortunately for Australasia U2 have postponed the Australian leg of the tour in favour of an expanded second USA leg. Their 2005 world tour was due to conclude in Sydney on 18 December, however, now U2 will finish off 2005 in Portland, Oregon on 19 December.

The 2nd USA leg is a surprise as they start their world tour in the USA, then travel to Europe for 3 months, then heading back to the USA for the last 3 months of the year - apparently it was scheduled due to phenomenal ticket sales in the USA.

We have been advised that the Australian leg of the tour will commence in February 2006 with concerts in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane.

Looks like a no for New Zealand... :/

Strung Out on U2?

Anyone have this album?? or any of the tracks from this album? (especially WOWY)
I heard a snippet of the instrumental WOWY and no I have to have it!!! lol
of course itunes doesn't have it :\..... figures
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(no subject)

People who have ordered the "One" wristbands: did you get the large or small? and is the small for like a child and the large for adults? I want to order some and a couple of my friends want them we just aren't sure how large the large actually is. Thanks.
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