April 12th, 2005


U2 review in ANG Newspapers - San Jose 4/9/05

Couple small quibbles with this - otherwise, it's a pretty solid review. First, why did they use the title of the last album as the headline? Strange. Second, I thought Running to Stand Still was one of the big highlights of the night, and I didn't take Bono's comment about clapping vs. singing to be anything other than tongue-in-cheek. Third, it's not a heart-shaped stage this time. It's an ellipse.

U2 live: All that you can't leave behind
By Jim Harrington, CONTRIBUTOR

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U2 ticket trades

Is anyone interested in trading 2 General Admission tickets for LA Staples Center show for Tues Nov 1 for 2 General Admission tickets for Oakland show on Wed Nov 9? I would prefer to trade the GA tickets for seats in lower section (100's) and pay for difference in ticket costs.

Also, is anyone interested in trading 2 General Admission tickets for LA Staples Center show for Wed Nov 2 for 2 seats at same show, anything but top level?

So if anyone wants the chance to be in ellipse or along the walkway rather than seats, this is the perfect opportunity. Both sets of tickets say FAN on them, meaning you can be in U2.com line.
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Would any of you lovely folks happen to know what hotel the band might be staying at in Phoenix? My best friend and I are planning to stake out wherever they might be after Thursday's show, since meeting them together would kind of be the pinnacle of our friendship (we met because of the band). Any thoughts, advice or ideas are very welcome :)
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"Elevation" (Song of The Day)

Today's selection is

"Elevation (Tomb Raider Mix)" from Tomb Raider: The Soundtrack (2001)

Thoughts: I always preferred this version to the album version presented in, I believe, The Best of 1990-2000 (check me, I might be wrong). Simply because this version had more energy than the lethargic album version. From the moment I heard it on MTV (they ran the video to the song), I loved how it felt so trippy and bugged out. It's just a song that I rocked out to. I love how the chorus is so bombastic that it feels like it will send the band into overload or something. The chorus itself is established with a driving guitar riff that is among the strongest sounds I have ever heard. Then, as you think you're getting higher into the chorus, the band drops down into this bridge that seems inspired out of The Beatles' "Yellow Submarine" or something. It's really cool. I love this song! Someone please explain to me why the album version lacks the kind of free-spirited energy that this track has in spades!
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Picture request

Hey guys,

I'm looking for a particular picture of Bono that I've seen in a few places, but just can't remember where... it's a side-on picture of him singing, and he's got his head tilted back, with his hands thrown up in the air. His mouth is wide-open - he looks like he's screaming or wailing or just being extraordinarily passionate. It's a great shot, and if anyone could help me find it, it'd be really appreciated :)
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Anyone else watch the Cubs game on Sunday? Whoever it was who sang during the 7th inning stretch counted the audience into "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" by saying "Uno, dos, tres, catorze." I found that amusing...guess Bono's numeric skills are catching on. :)
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Buying tickets @ Box Offices the day of...


I'm wondering who bought tickets the day of the show or shows and how good were the tickets? if any. How long did you wait for? Were the tickets still face-value? any GA tickets?
I know there was tickets available the day of the Los Angeles 2nd show. I heard people were there since 11am in line to get tickets. I got there about 2pm in the afternoon and at least 60 people were already there in line to get last minute tickets... any tickets available.
I heard there's a lot of extra tickets not sold and the venue sells them the day of the show... etc.

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Willie's Diary

From Willie's latest diary entry at U2.com:

Bono deemed it ‘better than the opening night of Elevation’ (though given that he fell off the stage that night, I am not 100% sure how to read this comment).

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