April 14th, 2005

Man ....

Ok, the more i listen to HTDMAB, the more I enjoy this album espcially now I've seen the tour. I'm just blown away by the fact they are still so good live. Rock on!
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U2 on VH1.

At 8e/7c VH1 will be airing Spotlight: u2. So get the TIVO and the VCRs ready.

(If this has already been posted, please dont flame me.)
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Miracle Drug

(no subject)

Hmm. Have any of you been getting an email from some place called ticketspain.net? I have gotten a couple of emails from this site. There are what looks like at least 100 other persons' email addresses on it, a good number of them obviously other U2 fans. I don't see HOW this wasn't sent to my bulk folder. The email suggest that it has "special ways" for you to get great seats to U2 shows, and they say that they have concert footage from the shows so far on the Vertigo tour, etc etc.. anyway, just find it weird. I tried to take my name off their list & they did not honor my wish, so I am reporting them. I never signed up for this, and I am trying to figure out where they might of gotten my email address from, ahh no telling, guess it's pointless to try to figure it out.. but just be careful people.. I wouldn't even look at it if I were you, let alone buy tickets from them!
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Song of The Day

Today's selection is

"Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" from Batman Forever soundtrack (1995)

Thoughts: It used to be I absolutely hated this song. When the movie came out and the song played during the end credits, I couldn't stand it. Even at the beginnings of my liking everything regarding U2 (around, oh, 1998), I couldn't get myself to like this song. It sounded so abrasive and uncomfortable, like sandpaper was being rubbed over my ears. Time seems to have been a friend to me in regards to this song. I recently downloaded the song last week and have actually come out liking the song once I gave it a stern listen. Perhaps it's the fact that I've become darker in my music tastes or it's the fact that it's just enjoyable U2, but now I can't imagine why I disliked the song so much. I have really warmed up to the movie too, but that's not really relevant to me liking the song. Apart from the fact that Bono's voice is a little distorted (seems intentional to go with that) and that the song really doesn't have a consistent rhythm, it's a song that makes wonderful use of the bass and guitars built around the descending riff that defines the beginning and chorus. There's a sort of freakish and claustrophobic feeling associated with the song when I listen to it, like everything is closing around me. Which makes the song perfect for clubbing, I would think, because I often get the smoky, claustrophobic feeling from clubbing when I hear this song.
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Reita Katana

He he he...

There was a question on the radio station that I listen to on Tuesday. "If you could trade places with any one person in the whole world for one week, who would it be?" My answer: Bono's wife. Given or no? :p
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I posted an entry a while back, advertising a poster I have on ebay at the moment, and, I got the sizes wrong, it's actually 86 wide and 61 high (centimetres)

So if anyone is interested now that it's smaller than I originally said, it's still for sale, and it has a couple more days left of the auction. Sorry to mess people around!
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VH1 Spotlight thing

You know you're obsessed when, during that Spotlight on U2 thing on VH-1, they show incredibly fast montages of the Vertigo Tour, you notice every single time they try to sneak in a split second clip from the Elevation Tour or something, and you can tell which show (Boston, Slane etc.) it came from.