April 16th, 2005

Jenny Lewis - Smile

Things that make this U2 Girl smile :)

My parents went to visit my aunt and uncle in Las Vegas last week. They came back on Tuesday, and, since I had to go home for the afternoon from school on Wednesday, they gave my brother and I our little souvenir gifts then. So, along with a tee-shirt and a hat and such, they picked me up the single perfect gift from the American Southwest Desert:

A little pot with soil and seeds to grow my own Joshua Trees. :D

Just a gift that is so perfectly me. It made me feel so great to know that I'm lucky enough to have parents who really know me as a person. Plus, my whole family will rock out to U2 with me in the car: my mom to "With or Without You", my brother to "Lemon", and my dad to pretty much anything, especially songs that are particularly Irish. ;)
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Aww yeah

Finally managed to make one of these ZooTV era userpics and get it just under 40K.

I found a few separate animations and combined them together. Worked out pretty well.

Wish I knew more then I did...

Okay, this may seem like a stupid question but I was wondering on my ticket for the Fall leg of the tour at Hartford it says my Seat is in row GA5 seat 44 but I was wondering since the whole eclipse thing is random does that mean I can still get into it and if it doesn't where abouts will my seat be (far away, close, don't know, etc.)

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Song of The Day

Today's selection is

"Where The Streets Have No Name" from The Joshua Tree (1987)

Thoughts: I love how epic and uplifting this song is. How the song takes its time to establish its mood and work its way into the psyche for those five minutes. How the base instrumentation is so sturdy and memorable and provides a great starting point for the rest of the track. It is, I believe, one of U2's most defining of songs. I love the song!

Sorry for the brevity of the thoughts section. I'm pretty tired...
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