April 21st, 2005

Chicago trade

I have a GA for 5/9 that I'd like to trade for a GA for 5/12. My class that night that I was planning on skipping decided to have a frigging exam that night so I can't go...anyone? Bueller? Email me at WalrusOct9 at gmail.com
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Homestar Soda

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This was an idea I've been toying with for awhile, so I decided to put you all to the test.

Can anybody make up a little story incorporating all the U2 studio album titles? And you're really creative if you can put them in chronological order!
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Lucille and Desi

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Just wondering.. I dont know if this has been brought up yet around here but has anyone else got the book on Bono? Its called Bono in Conversations and I couldnt spell the authors life for the name of me. I just picked iot up yesterday and Im assuming it was just published. Im about 30 pages in and its pretty cool. Its pretty much one big interview with Bono. So far theres a lot of talking about his father.

Anyone else reading/read this?

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Can I bum a ride from Vancouver to the seattle gig on the 24th. I have no ride for the u2 show :( I have no criminal record, I am not weird or anything like that and we can meet for coffee before the show to make sure that everything is cool.

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Anybody bought anything from Edun yet? Saks has it but I haven't become obsessed with it enough to spend the money. I would really like to get my hands on a replica of Bono's jacket from the Elevation tour. I wonder if that could be had! hmmmmm