April 22nd, 2005

A little fun with the Zooropean languages...

Howdy all. I ran across this little meme while browsing around the old LJ and thought that it was quite amusing.

Apparently you're supposed to go to Google Language Tools, pick a song that you fancy and then translate it from English to German. Then you translate it from German to French. After that you translate it back into English from French and hilarity ensues as you try to force your flist to guess what the song is.

So on a lark I hopped over to U2.com and picked whatever song came into my head.

Hilarity ensued:

Sometimes, I believe, as I do not know it that sometimes, I re-examine outside like direction. I would not like can be to it false receipt strongly always and likes that it is not length. OH -, of sugars, not him cry. OH -, the tears of your eyes essuient the child. They know that me it strongly and the day which he is dark, since must be the night a long time is. you like waste believe, form me with feeling properly. I am in the black, donot can be seen or considering. Baby, baby, baby, to clarify my manner. Well now, to clarify the baby, baby, baby, my manner. They bury your treasure, in which it cannot be found, your loves a secrecy are however which is led around. There is a Silence which comes to a house, in which nobody cannot sleep. I estimate that the price of the loves is; I know that it is not inexpensive. OH -, to concern, baby, baby, baby, to clarify my manner. OH -, to concern, the baby, baby, the baby, to light my baby in manner, baby, baby, to clarify my manner. I remember, above when we could sleep on stones. We are together in now murmuring and of Aechzen. When I was confused completely in top and heard me that the opera in my head was your love a lamp which hangs on my bed. Baby, baby, baby, to clarify my manner. OH -, the baby, go baby, baby, clarify my manner above
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Strange pick & and other stuff for Denver 2nd show

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I just thought I'd mention... the woman who got on the stage tonight? Wasn't me. Nope. But it was a friend of mine... the French teacher at my old high school. While I was certainly jealous (because we were all standing there helping draw Bono's attention to her), she's been a fan for 20 years and this was her 11th concert. I'm a youngin'... have hardly been around that long.

If you did not happen to catch what was on the sign that Bono held up before pulling her from the crowd, it was the sign her husband was holding, and it said, "PLEASE TOUCH MY WIFE." I think Bono liked it.
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chris guy

SEE?? I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!

From @U2 OMGWTFBBQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 22, 2005
posted by: DG Irish newspapers have announced that there will be a third Croke Park gig in Dublin this summer on June 27th, ending months of speculation. Tickets will go on sale in the coming weeks.
BBC Sherlock

(no subject)

heres a little game from hachiemachie, i had to have a go.

midnight, our son and of the girl to the bottom it crossing and taking von to hear us you, their impact, that us to hear, their impact in the wind to hear us, laugh to them in the rain to see us, their tear their impact to intend to hear us, their night like a gefangener to develop black to hang and blue to hear, their impact to hear us, that their impact in the tree our son, by whom luminous wall our cry their tear in precipitation to see
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In the spirit of U2... I was bored and thought it would be neat to make this survey.... X-posted to u2_youth.

Favorite U2 Album and why:
Favorite single off that album:
Top 2 non-singles off the album:

Top 2 singles not off that album:
Top 2 non-singles not off that album:

Least favorite album:
Top 2 least favorite singles:
Top 2 least favorite non-singles:

Favorite song not off an album:

3 Songs you wish were singles:
2 Songs you wish were not singles:
1 Song off of HTDAAB you really like and why:
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Song of The Day

Today's selection is

"Seconds" from War (1983)

Thoughts: It's a catchy enough song, but not particularly memorable. The very definition of disposable. I forget about the song as soon as I hear it. But I admire the fact that the accompianment is very consistent and I like the "oh's" that come with the chorus. Even the fact that the song does not follow the traditional song structure (verse, chorus, verse 2, chorus, bridge, end) is very good for the band but there isn't a solid foundation for which I could get attached to the song. That another thing, the song is so short. It prevents any real lasting impression that could be made.
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I'm sorry if it's not proper to ask this yet, but does anyone know if/where the mp3's for the April 10th concert at San Jose are available?

Thank you very much :)
BBC Sherlock

i cant believe they survived...

Today I was watching the 1990-2000 Best Of DVD. A certain little thought came into my mind while watching everyones favorite seizure-inducing video, Discotheque while looking back on the past. How did they get away with that stuff? The intense lights, the odd cops, the almost Village People dance number, just the strangness of it all- how did the public accept this? Sure, it is fine now, but if one of my other bands went away for a while and then came back in that manner...well, it would be odd. Does anyone else feel this way?
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Don't Fuck With Me Today

Where would you go with the following?????

I already posted it all over zootopia and have sent it to (u2.com) tech support.. I need advice on who to fucking contact. I am *really* pissed off!

"I have a problem. I drove from Billings Montana to Denver CO (9 hours) to see U2 and while I was there I spent $210 on merchandise. $70 of the $210 was for an awesome hoody sweat jacket. It cost $70 because it was the biggest size. Well, it was packed up safe and sound and we came home and there are puncture marks/holes in the jacket. I didn't look at it too good when I bought it because it was hailing and raining and wet and miserable (and I was in the GA fan club line alll day long) and my husband put the stuff in the trunk of the car for me. It was not harmed when in my possession at all. I need to exchange it and do not know how. I am totally bummed out that there are three holes in the pocket straight through to the material of the jacket itself. It looks like it had a sewn on tag that was ripped off or something in the process of making it a vertigo tour jacket. I would appreciate any help you can give me. I already called fan fire and they are no help and said they can do nothing. I spent a lot of money on U2 and I just want my $70 bucks worth of a nice jacket --- not a jacket with holes in it."

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