April 25th, 2005

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So, anyone off to Seattle Two today? I am-my first U2 show and I'm so excited I can barely sleep. My dad and I are going and I'm not sure he understands the level of crazy he is in for. We're going early (coming from Canada_ to avoid border issues and to putter about Seattle for a bit.

I'll either be wearing a blue shirt that says "EH?" or a white one that says "Hug a Canadian Today". Feeling the need to represent those of us making the journey down from Canada.

So-who else is going?
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Denver 4/21 people??

OK, I have a ton of pictures from this show - a few of them are posted at my lj HERE. I definitely have more that I can post to U2photos, or put em up on my own journal, if people comment that they wanna see them (come look! :).

ANYway, my question was this: anyone know who the girl was who got up onstage with Bono that night? Because I have a really, *really* great photo of them dancing that I'd love to get to her, but... have no idea where to start.

Thanks all - enjoy!
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I read in Entertainment Weekly that U2 (or just Bono, I don't remember...) is planning on being in a few episodes of HBO's Entourage. I have never heard of this show, but now I'm wishing that I have HBO. Does anyone know more about this?
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Song of The Day

Today's selection is

"With or Without You" from The Joshua Tree (1987)

Thoughts: There was a previous post about a British magazine naming "With or Without You" as one of the Top Ten Favorite Funeral Songs or something. I don't necessarily agree with that assessment of such a brilliant song because it is one of those songs that has multiple interpretations on a lot of topics: death, love, relationships, breakups, life, friendship, human connection, loss, children. And I suppose that adds to the timeless quality of the song. I know it's a little clichéd, but my first exposure to the song was when the genuises behind Friends decided to make it the poster song for Ross and Rachel's tumultuous relationship during the early seasons of the show. Because of this, I tend to view this song as romantic in nature more than its darker interpretations.

I personally love how the song builds from this slow, dark, intense simmering as Bono progresses through the first verses and chorus. The moody beginning is mirrored in somewhat painful lyrics, as if the band was just recovering from a collective punch to the gut. There's no hint or expectation of the song actually building up to a sort of agonizing scream that is given in the last minute and a half of the song (after Bono sings an impassioned "Ohhhh" and the guitar kicks in). It works to convey a sort of desperate feeling towards whomever he's singing to, as if a part of his soul has been ripped away and left bare. And the chorus seems to then soar into higher and higher places before the song enters the denouement and goes back down to the catchy, flowing instrumentation that bookmarks the end of the song. The perfect method on how to construct a song and how a song flows effortlessly is at the core of "With or Without You".

On a separate note: Dad got seven stitches for a cut on his forehead. He's resting comfortably now and should have them removed on Friday. The ER wait was torturous, but we knew what was coming ahead of time. Thank you to the people who offered their hopes and prayers. You guys are the best!
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vertigo tour shirts?

Just wondering...at the previous stops for the vertigo concert, were there any shirts that had like all the locations + dates of the concert locations at the back? Also, if so, what was the price of these shirts and all the shirts in general? I'm attending the 2nd Vancouver show and I wanted to know what types of prices to expect..

Question - timing of concert

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to plan my transport to & from the gig I'm going to in June (yeah, I know, I'm being a bit overzealous).

Anyway, the ticket says "gates open 5.30pm". I've booked a seat rather than going for GA, so I don't necessarily need to be there so early.

I'd like to get an idea of approximate timing from people who've seen the tour so far:

1) when does the support act come on? I really like the opening act, Snow Patrol, so I don't want to miss them!
2) what time do the Gods of Rock start?
3) what time do the Gods of Rock finish?

Thanks :)
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i'm new here, and i'm sorry if someone has already asked this question.

how are you guys getting cameras into the shows? has anyone had any problems? it says on u2.com that people with GA tickets have to be body searched and i was wondering if they are letting cameras by or what?

thanks so much.

anyone else going to the Charlotte, NC show?