April 26th, 2005

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At the risk of sounding like a complete fool:

GA = General Admission tickets, correct?
Yet if you line up early you can get on the floor?! That makes no sense. Someone explain to me what tickets you need to get in the "bomb shelter."
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Hey all,

I just caught U2 for the first time last night at the Key Arena here in Seattle, and it was such an amazing show that I've been digging around for a few hours looking for a bootleg of it. I realize it's early and people might not have gotten around to uploading them, but can you recommend any good sites besides DimeADozen.org where I could look?

Also, for anyone else who was at the show, was it just me, or did Bono refer to the Key Arena as the Kingdome during "Beautiful Day"? I know they haven't played Seattle since the Popmart tour, when the Kingdome was still around, but I still couldn't help but chuckle a bit when he said that, especially since it was the second show there.


I posted this over in the u2usendit community and never got an answer from anyone.
Sooo... I decided to give it a shot here.
I am looking for the Bad mp3 from the Rattle and Hum dvd? Anyone?
I would be very greatful.
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better be careful, Mr. PM!

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, fighting to save his government, took a hit from another corner Saturday -- rock superstar Bono.

Bono said he was disappointed Martin had not kept an earlier promise to boost Canada's foreign aid to a level equivalent to 0.7 percent of gross domestic product.

"I'm bewildered really. I'm disappointed. I've not given up hope. I really can't believe that Paul Martin would want to hold up history, or indeed would hold up history," Bono told CBC radio in an interview broadcast Saturday.

Bono, a tireless campaigner on behalf of the poor in Africa and other regions, also read out the number of Martin's office and urged Canadians to flood his office with telephone calls.

"We were looking for Canada to lead rather than be a laggard ... what's upsetting about this is it feels like business as usual," added the star.

Bono's annoyance contrasts sharply with his November 2003 address to a conference of the ruling Liberal Party, which elected Martin as leader.

On that occasion Bono lauded Martin's promise to sharply increase foreign aid but said he would be keeping a sharp eye on the politician, warning prophetically: "I'm going to be the biggest pain in his ass."

Martin is currently scrambling to keep his minority government alive amid growing anger over a Liberal Party cash-for-favors scandal.

"This is no time to just turn inward. I know there are problems here at home. But don't lose your focus, Prime Minister, on how history will remember this moment," said Bono.
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running to stand still.

sometimes, when you comes across an album, you're just not ready for it. i picked up the joshua tree when i was 13, and my oh my, that wasn't very recent at all. i definatley liked the whole album, but didn't always "get" certain songs. i guess i just didn't live enough life to understand a song like running to stand still. the string bending steel guitar intro always always got to me in a weird way. and now that i listen to it, it's one of my favorite songs off the album.

and i think i've lived enough and experienced to enough to understand the song.

"you've got to cry without weeping,talking without speaking, scream without raising your voice" As anyone else who's gotten older, a lot of things happen from when you're 13 to the present (24 for me). i've gotten my fair share getting my heart broken and broken some hearts as well. made some mistakes and have paid for it but also gotten away with some. i've made some good deicisions, and been rewarded, and sometimes i haven't been recognized. and that's all ok with me.

so i guess on behalf of the 13 year old version of me, who bought the joshua tree in tower records (that is no longer there bye the way) in yonkers new york, i'd like to thank u2 for writing running to stand still, and making me wait eleven years to finally understand that song.

it's so tough to say goodbye to someone, isn't it?

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I think that those who like the first albums of U2, from Boy to The Unforgettable Fire, might like The Police's Deathwish!



Deathwish in the fading light
Headlight pointing through the night
Never thought I'd see the day
Playing with my life this way

Gotta keep my foot right down
If I had wings I'd leave the ground
Burning in the outside lane
People think that I'm insane

The day I take a bend too fast
Judgement that could be my last
I'll be wiped right off the slate
Don't wait up 'cause I'll be late
I'll be late...

Call for pictures!

Hi all! I am looking for anyone with pictures from Denver 4/21 that happened to get pictures of the woman dancing with Bono during Mysterious Ways that night, Jo. She was my high school French teacher and it was her dream to get up there! I don't want to give out her email without permission; however, I want to collect the pictures and send them to her. I know that kssdagain posted about that; I've commented a few times so hopefully she gets back to me. So please let me know if you have any pictures, good or bad, comment on here and I will leave my email in the comments!! Thanks!!
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