May 3rd, 2005

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I went to the Apple store this weekend and asked when they'd be pulling the u2pod off the shelves and the woman told me that they don't have a specific date but when they get the message they are pulling them off the shelves FOR-E-VER (sandlot!). And she said: "I wouldn't expect them to be on sale for much longer so get yours quick." you think I'll be safe until May 16th? Has anyone heard anything through the Apple grapevine? I don't want to miss out on it and I've bumped all my expenses to get it before mid-July like I had originally planned.

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Unrelated: Does anyone have the SNL skit where Colin Farrell dressed up as Bono and did the interview exactly how Bono had acted the week before as the musical guest? (i.e. - Head ramming the camera)
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Shows coming up...

...with U2 having a couple days off before their 4 night stay in Chicago and getting ready for the DVD tour video shoot... does anyone wonder what they got up their sleaves for the next couple of shows or for the rest of the tour? maybe new songs performed LIVE? more LIGHTS!? ... I guess they would only have time to rest and polish the production they have until now for the dvd.


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Hello, my name is Megan and I've decided to take over as the person who picks "Song Of The Day" in place of hue126 , who most unfortunately decided to stop doing it. Thank you hue126 for doing such a great job! Now without further wait....

Today's Selection is...

"Last Night On Earth" from Pop

Thoughts: Perhaps it is because of the fact that the lyrics from this song closely mirror those of the newer song "City Of Blinding Lights" (my personal favorite off the HTDAB Album) or maybe it's the way Bono's voice echos when he says the line "She's living like it's the last night on earth!" that makes me love the song so much. Coming off a hugely underestimated album Pop,  "Last Night On Earth" is very catchy and widely interesting.

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A little nervous...

So has anyone gotten thier tickets for any November shows?
I bought GA's for the Tampa show in November and they have yet to make it to my door.
The ticketmaster website said they were shipped via U.S. mail.
Should I be worried?
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U2 Moments...

They played "Stuck in a Moment.." at the end of the Kings/Sonic's playoff game tonight! It was so semi-sad because the Kings are out of the playoffs now, *sad*. At least they sent them out on a great song, and there's next SF Giants lots too. :o(

The maturity of Bomb....

Have I mention lately just how much I adore this album, I can't wait for Nov in Oakland! It's a much more grown up album then any of their other's and perhaps because the place I am in my life now, I just really appreciate that maturity. Their sound is richer and even their love songs pull no punches. They sing about things bigger then their world and their lives now, they've so evolved and that's refreshing in a world which values youth, inexperience and the latest thing. They've 'season' to just the right flavor.... I wonder what happens now?
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