May 4th, 2005

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saturday night at the coachella festival,  UNKLE aka james levelle ended his dj set mixing Where the streets have no name with a really great dance beat..

the audience was excited and everybody was singing along.
very cool

"I like getting into a room and playing with the band"

A great interview with Larry for the Chicago Sun-Times:

In a revealing, no-holds barred interview with Jim Derogatis, Pop Music Critic of the Chicago Sun-Times, Larry discusses the tour presale ticket controversy, the iPod tie-up, why it's worth competing with Britney Spears and why 'creative dissatisfaction' keeps U2 always searching to do better.

Below a couple of extracts, but read the whole interview here.

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10 days.I am just thinking my only exam is only Friday the 13th but...the next day I get to see u2.Hopefully I'll make it through my Political Science test without filling u2 lyrics into the essay section instead of an essay.[I know that was cheesey but thats how i'll probaly feel.]
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U2 Love!

Bonjour!  Just joined the community.  I love, love, love U2.  I have seen them once in concert.  It was a spectacular evening.  :)  I hope to get to see them again.  I look forward to meeting other U2 fans.
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Song of the day

Today's selection is...

"Out of Control" from Boy (1980)

Thoughts: Coming off U2's first album Boy, this song that is one to really catch your interest. Perhaps its the way Edge and Larry make the guitar and drums go perfectly together in the begining. Maybe it's Bono's really young voice that makes the song, I'm not exactly sure but something definitely has me hooked to this song.

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help for NJ

I have a friend who's joining me from Arizona for the May 17th concert in East Rutherford. What's the closest airport to East Rutherford/the arena? Also, is there anyone familiar with the arena setup who could suggest a good meet-up place? Thanks ever so much in advance.