May 6th, 2005


Song Of The Day

Todays Selection is...

"The Unforgettable Fire" from The Unforgettable Fire (1984)

Thoughts: From the moment the first note hit my ear drum I knew I would love it. At first the song made me feel alone and different from everyone else, maybe it was the voices in the background in the first minute of the song, or the beat of the drums but something about it made me feel excluded from everyone else and then as I was about to change to change the song since I didn't need to be anymore depressed (it had been a very bad few weeks) I heard the lyrics "Walk On By, Walk On Through" and then came the up beat melody. It lifted me up and I got through my problem, and now whenever I'm faced with a new problem I put that song on and feel like I can do anything.

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    The Unforgettable Fire- U2
chris guy

"No way, Blondie. I NEVER miss a U2 concert!"

U2 Pop Culture Reference:

In mall, upon arriving:.
Kelly: Wow, look at this line
Lisa: Man, we'll never get tickets to the U2 concert.

In mall, after someone kicks him awake Screech thinks the line is moving:
Screech: Five tickets to the U2 concert please.

In mall, right when tickets go on sale:
Ticket Guy: U2 tickets are now on sale, cash only
Screech: I'd like five seats as close as you've got and when I say close I want to see nose hairs.
Ticket Guy: I have tickets in mezzanine and orchestra, what'll it be?
Screech: Oh my goodness. Oh my gosh. Zach will kill me if I make the wrong decision.
Ticket Guy (looking at line): Those people will kill you if you don't hurry up, ok?
Screech: Excuse me fellow U2 fan, would you hold my spot in line, I need to consult my friends.
Fellow Fan: [nods]
Screech: Thanks

In mall, after Screech can't get back in line, the rest of the group tries to cut in line:
Zach to old black woman: Excuse me ma'am. Hi. I wonder if you'd let my friend go in front of you. He missed last year's concert.
A.C.: Yeah and you see he was so depressed that he locked himself in the basement for a year.
Zach: Uh huh and today is his first day out.
Black woman scolding: No way blondie, I never miss a U2 concert.

In mall, P.A. announcement after group has given up getting tickets:
Announcement: Attention mall shoppers, due to the phenomenal sales of U2 concert tickets Tower Records announces a second concert has been added. Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. [Tickets are apparently $60.00 each]

In mall, cops are running a sting operation of some kind. The kids find a bag full of cash. The cops pretend to be talk show hosts or something.
Cop: And for being guests on our show, Candid Video's gonna give you five front row tickets to the U2 concert.

The new community


The new U2 community is now on-line!

It's called: ''Music4U2''´, thanks to psychonautic!
Here's the link:

With this community you can share songs, from wich you think U2 fans may like them, or songs from wich you think U2 could have made them.
Please read the usersinfo page for the rules.
Important: Always add the description list of the song in your entry! It is very useful, if someone is searching a specific kind of style. Also, it is useful for the moderators. Why the description list? Take a look at ''the rules'' and ''the quick tour'' at the usersinfo page. The description list is on the usersinfo page.

Have fun!

PS: there isn't a lay-out yet, don't blame me :P, it will come!

Dilema resolved....

Thanks to everyone who responded to my ticket post last week.
I got home today from college for the summer.
Ticketmaster emailed me back about the tickets and said that they were shipped on the 25th of March!
My sister and I were sitting here racking our brains about where they could be.
So she went to her room and looked around one more time and low and behold she found them.
They came in a plain white envelope. It didnt even say ticketmaster on it.
It's a very good thing they weren't thrown out as junk mail.
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