May 8th, 2005


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"Sunday, Bloody Sunday" from War (1983)

Thoughts: It's the song that everyone knows as U2's. Some twenty-two years later everyone still sees it as one of the last century's best protest song. It has perfect heart by being an anti-war song. Based on the tragic events that took place in Northern Ireland in which many Irish men and woman were killed and wounded a couple of years before the song was written, this song has heart and defined where the band was coming from in their anti-violence ways.


P.S Happy Mother's Day

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Chicago 5/12 ticket.

Hi, I hate to clutter up people's friends pages and all, but this seemed the best and safest venue for this: I've ended up with a spare ticket for Chicago 5/12, and am looking to get rid of it, face value + the evil TM fees, naturally - I just want it to go to another fan and not some scalper or anything.

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More proof that Bono = God ;)

Anyone else see a striking similarity between the picture of Bono reaching towards the fans on the main page of and Michelangelo's "The Creation of Adam" from the Sistine Chapel? XD

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Yeah, that's right, I'm the next Dan Brown. ;)

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