May 11th, 2005


How the Critics took the Chicago Show

Jim Derogatis of Chicago Sun Times, who's email address is, wrote a hit piece against the band, paying primary attention to Bono.
That's him.

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Moral: it seems film critics really hate being preached at. In contrast, Chicago loved Coldplay, a group I've read just broke up (from sources with no credibility to lose). Well, folks, if they broke up, why are they still playing shows?
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dumb question

I bought an mp3 of "All I Want Is You" and at the end it has a long silence and then the song "October". Is that wonkyness on the part of the website I got it from, or is it actually part of the song?
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can someone post a link for me

can someone send me a link to those web sites where people post bootleg shows (not just of u2) bc i am looking to see if someone has the full recording of yesterdays press event/mini concert from nyc that the stones did. thanks - Sean

Song of The Day

Today's Selection is...

"One" from Achtung Baby (1991)

Thoughts: People are always trying to write songs like this one yet they never seem to succeed. U2's "One" is probably the song with the best lyrics. It was writen out of the blue, Edge was messing around on the guitar and two cords came out that seemed to back each other up. Upon hearing this Bono sang "We're one but we're not the same", U2 was inspirerd by this at a time when they were about to break up the band due to being unable to agree on how the music should sound (Larry and Adam wanted more deep sounding music, while Edge and Bono wanted more of the guitar) this song saved them and inspired us. It's wonderful live or on the album, or even saving the world :)

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(no subject)

i just found out someone at my moms work is getting rid of 4 u2 tickets to the second philly show on may 22nd!!!! so i get to goto 2 u2 concerts this year!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!

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Hi! Is anyone going to the show in Philadelphia on Saturday?

If so, I'll be there too! But what's the best way to go and how much money is a good amount to bring to a show?

Thanks for any help :) this is my first U2 show! I can't wait :)
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