May 15th, 2005


Song Of The Day

Today's Selection is..

Peace on Earth" from All That You Can't Leave Behind (2000)
Thoughts: Never before has there been a song that actually made me cry. I'll be honest to tell you that I don't cry at movies or songs, I'm more of the person that has to see reality to cry- not just some movie or some song but this song made me cry. Because of the fact that the drums and guitar is so soft the lyric's and Bono's voice really stand out. So much about this song is true about our world today, how we treat others and how we should really truly treat them. Every time I listen to this song I honestly want to be a better person

Favorite Lyric:
Jesus in this song you wrote
The Words are stickin' my throat
Peace on Earth

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van gogh


Okay, so you guys wanted to know how the concert went (May 14th)... So basically...

The estimated two and a half hours that U2 was on stage was just about the pinacle of my life!!!!!!! I had such a great time.. Words can't do it justice!!!! I LOVE U2 sooooooooo muchh!!! The music just took me to another level.. I felt like I wasn't even on earth, I was just in the music.! In my section people around me would be sitting down, but I was up, dancing, and singing the whole time. I was so into it. I bought a bunch of stuff, too, my favorite being the necklace with the tour logos on it because I'm going to wear it everyday now.

All of the music live made me appreciate it even more. Especially the HTDAAB stuff because I never really heard it live. My U2 obsession has like grown even more from the concert. !!! I WISH I COULD GO BACK IN TIME TO THE CONCERT!!!!!<3333

I restrained my excitement in this entry because I didn't want to freak you guys out, haha, so if you want you can check out my regular journal for the whole rundown.

I can't wait until their next tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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philly tips

ok, caught U2 in philly last night and i'm still high as a kite, everyone who's waiting- oh man are they going to knock your socks off. blows elevation out of the water. any way i've got some philly tips. getting a camera in should be easy. i set the metal detectors off and the guard just waved me threw with a have a good show. biggest tip is: park in center city philly. i parked at the independence mall area and took the subway out to the arena. why do such a thing? you've got 20,000 people all getting in their cars and hitting the road at one time, traffic is unreal. take the subway in and out, you totally avoid all the frustration. don't bother with kings of leon. water was running $3.50, beer was $5.50. usual mile long line at the ladies room. oh yeah look for the M+M hand outs- free chocolate bars.