May 18th, 2005

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tonight was indescribable. simply...perfect. and not to sound cliche, but it really changed my life.

I will so update with details later...but I was wondering...where can I go to find a boot?

5/17 continental airlines arena....WAS AWESOME!!
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Discotheque icon

I decided I needed a new U2 icon, and that I wanted a mini-movie icon, but I didn't know what from.
The answer came to me while laying in bed listening to my iPod (just the U2 music though, I keep trying to listen to other artists, but when I do I just wish I was listening to U2, so I give up) and Discotheque came on. So I was laying there listening and picturing the video when I decided that I must make an icon from it.
So I got right out of bed to work on it. Because I'm strange like that.

**points at icon** Tada! Free for the taking, just credit me.

In other news, I was watching Oz and some guy had on a tie with fat red and black diagonal stripes, I pointed to the TV and said "That is such a Vertigo tie."
Though really the correct term would be a 'How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb tie' but close enough =P

U2 is taking over my life. Not that I mind of course =P
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Live Aid II

Live Aid II?

This news has been on the radio all day today here in the UK... Live Aid II, 20 years on, in Hyde Park, London. There's a lot of speculation around it, but a date has been fixed of July 2nd. There are also reports that this Live Aid will be free, with tickets being given away through a form of lottery. It's all in support of the Make Poverty History / ONE campaign. It may be called "Live 8" because it coincides with the G8 summit in Scotland.

Just heard that U2 will almost definitely be involved, despite them having a gig in Vienna that night.

Any thoughts? :)
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NJ 1

So, was anyone here at the NJ show last night? (May 17th) It was my first show, and just....really really fucking brilliant! But anyways, did you see the lead singer of The Unforgettable Fire? They're a tribute band, and the lead singer looks uncannily like Bono. Before the gates opened my friends and I were standing around, staring at him and wondering. We knew he couldn't be Bono, but was weird! He kept looking back at us and grinning. Eventually a couple who got their picture taken with him said that he was the lead singer of the tribute band Unforgettable Fire. We thanked them and tried to resist staring some more. I wonder how he sounds!

And sadly, that was better entertainment than Kings of Leon.

Newbie + some questions!

Hello everyone, I'm a newbie here *waves nervously* I'm from Scotland and I'm 21! :) Oh and my name's Kat, lol, knew I'd forgotten some kind of important detail... Typical me! I'll keep this more on-topic and ask a few random questions of you nice people :D

For people who have been to the gigs already and bought a T-shirt: what kind of sizes do they do? I'm going in June to Manchester and I really want a T-shirt but I want to get the right size and wondered if anybody had a decent idea. I know that's a bit random but hey. ;)

Oh and for people who have been to the gigs, what time to they come on stage? I think my friends want to go earlyish anyway but we have seats so it doesn't really matter. I'm just curious as to the time-scale and stuff. I'm so excited, never seen them live before!

What's your fave song at the moment? Mine are probably Mysterious Ways and Numb, I just can't stop going back and putting them on again.

I had something else... Oh yeah! Has anyone here got the Passengers album? I've been thinking about getting it because I'm fascinated by the clips of songs I've heard (admittedly not very many or long clips but still) and just wanted to know if it's worth getting. I want something a bit different and I've read good reviews.

Thanks and hope to chat to some people soon!

Kat x

Covers album

I was in a discount shop today, randomly browsing through the cheap CDs, and I came across two volumes of a U2 tribute album recorded by 'Studio 99', whoever they are. Has anyone got these, and are they any good??
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Dodgy U2 cover band

As requested, some tracks from a U2 cover band who's CD you'll find on sale in UK supermarkets. Some the covers are ok, but caution is advised! Apparently they've got a second volume out! I bought my copy about 8 years ago. Not so sure I'll be rushing out to get the 2nd volume..

If anything you'll get a laugh out of them!!

Pride (In The Name Of Love) 3MB

With Or Without You 4MB

I Still Haven't Found 4MB

Angel Of Harlem 3MB

The Fly 4MB


If any of you are desperate to hear the rest of the tunes, give me a shout. I've got TUF, Streets, Desire, AIWIY, EBTTRT, UTEOTW, WGRYWH & WLCTT. Tho somehow I dont think any of you will. :-D
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