May 19th, 2005

city of blinding lights

a long long time ago

everytime i'm on lj i plan on writing this up, but i keep forgetting. finally i remembered.
when i was at my prom a couple of weeks ago, my date and i went up do the dj (barf) and tried to request some songs. i said, "can you play something by u2?" and you know what that guy had the nerve to say? i'll tell you what he said... "you can't dance to u2." ... like you can dance to rap music. which we found out is not fun to dance to.... anyway...
oh man, i actually fought (sp?) with the for like a minute and decided that it wasn't worth it to get into a fight about.

just thought i'd share my little experience. it was a great night anyway, but still...
at least he played bohemian rhapsody.

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