May 22nd, 2005


'Even if you're Amish you know who U2 are' - Kings of Leon
hahaha that is the greatest statement ive ever read!!!!! *my neighbors are amish i live in lancaster amish capital usa... lol

*dies of laughter*

From the @U2 blog...

A fan recently rescued rocker Bono from death at a Seattle eatery. Unfortunately, it was the same fan who had imperiled the U2 singer in the first place. According to Star, the well-meaning civilian slapped Bono on the back and said, "I'm a big fan," just as the rock icon was taking a huge bite of fish. A choking Bono gasped for air as his dining companions gasped in horror. Luckily, the hearty greeting took a Heimlich twist when a second pat on the back from the fan dislodged the fish and sent it flying onto the next table. Surprisingly civil, the singer told the backslapping bozo, "Mate, you better leave before I throttle you." Bono, we've got to say we'd feel the same." Ah the internet age - wonder how long it will be until the fish bit shows up on ebay.
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Hiya. I need advice.

I'm sixteen years old, and the upcoming Detroit shows will be my first U2 shows ever.

I'm sixteen years old, and I like girls. I like a girl enough to want to take her to a Detroit show with me.

She knows I'm a U2 fan and we are friends. She tolerates the music, for sure, but she would never try and get tickets for a U2 show.

When I convince her to go with me, do we go GA? If we do, we'll make a day of having fun skipping school and waiting in line for the chance to be right in the action (and maybe they'll invite us on stage and play Sweetest Thing? I can dream!). She likes school, though, and is probably honestly a genius. She won't want to miss the day and get behind. Do I kidnap her? Is GA worth it?

Or do we get seats? Do I have less fun myself but let her enjoy her day and then enjoy the stage from a (probably expensiver) distance?

This question goes out to all the Vertigo tour veterans. Can GA make an angry and confused non-U2 fan have the time of her life? Or do I resort to the less intimate experience?
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Rawr says Bono!

Ok, I haven't had access to the internet for quite a few days now, so I'm not sure if this has been posted already. I went back and didn't see it, but I could be temporarily blind.

In any case, if you haven't read this interview you must. While a bit long - it's great. I'm sure that any and every U2 fan has had to defend the band more than once. I know I have. I consistently hear how they are "sell outs," "sooo 80's," "too old," or "pompous rich men." This interview with Bono fires back.

Bono requested this interview after a couple Chicago papers ripped U2 up.

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