May 23rd, 2005

Love and Faith and Sex and Fear
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How long to sing this song?

It's 1 AM Monday. We jus got back home from the Philly 2 concert.

4 words: It was fucking brilliant!

I've been awake for 22 hours straight (in line since 5:30 AM Sunday), so I am going to sleep now. I will post a more comprehensive review later :)
Dave Gahan sweat

typical experience.

I am going to the Charlotte show December 22. I know that is a long way away. I have GA Floor seats, but not fanclub seats.

I was wondering. I want to be as close to the stage as possible. for those of you who have already been to shows on this tour, could you please give me some advice about how early i should get to the venue and how long i should wait and how you were able to get close or see others get close.

thanks so much.
U2 world

FYI Boston area fans...

WBCN will be broadcasting U2 concerts at 11pm tomorrow night, thursday night, and saturday night.

Tuesday: Boston, Orpheum Theatre 1981
Thursday: Slane Castle 2001 (probably off the dvd) and at 12am: San Diego 2005!!
Saturday: Boston 2001 (probably off the dvd)

Philadelphia review

I wasn't at that show but I read this review from Jim @ here's a minor detail:

Bono dropped a little bit of "Ultraviolet (Light My Way)" into the end of "Beautiful Day" which was a nice touch. He pulled some shirtless kid up during the bridge. "See the world in green and blue/Tatooed boy, right in front of you"
Review by: Jim Taggart from

I was listening to Ultraviolet non-stop a couple weeks ago and I thought this song would sound great LIVE. My dream almost or partially came true. NOW, if I can only get that recording of Beautiful Day.


With or Without you was also played!!!!
Pink Me

Let's play a game

I love how Bono can put the strangest things into songs and make them make sense. But out of context some of these lyrics can seem pretty strange. So I thought it'd be fun to go through some of my U2 songs, and look for some of the stranger lines and put them into a seperate list.

In no particular order:

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Thosre are just a few, I know there's more. I also forced myself to only take one line from each of the above songs, though from some of them I could've taken plenty of others.

Your turn now. =)
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Love and Faith and Sex and Fear
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Oh, you look so beautiful tonight!

This is a review of the May 22nd 2005 U2 show in Phiadelphia from the perspective a complete concert n00b. I have never seen U2 before, and the only other concerts I have seen I had seats. I was a GA and U2 virgin. :)

So, pardon my 50 gazillion word babbling and skip to whatever part interests you most.

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If you got through it all, thanks for reading. :)

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Edit: Fixed some spelling. :)
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