May 24th, 2005

phoenix rising

philly 1// i am a moron.

the long awaited u2/philly 1 photo post, with a bonus u2-chicks reunion picture....don't take any without asking... pretty please. thankee.

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and, sadly, then my camera battery died....

but, because it definitely warrants it....

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love it.
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PS- i did not realize that picture was so huge the first time around! :( ::been working 13 hour days and not thinking straight.::
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Does anyone have (or know where I can find) the One video with the Buffalos and the sun flowers and stuff. Its not on the Best of 1990-2000 DVD, which is a bit annoying. I've never actually seen it.
trent back
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Hey, this is for all the Boston fans in the community:

"Looks like Bono is set to turn up at Barnes and Noble in Boston this afternoon!

As we reported earlier, Michka Assayas, author of the new book 'Conversations with Bono', is appearing at Barnes and Noble early afternoon today to sign copies of this book.

We have heard that Bono, flying in to Boston with U2 for three shows this week, may also be planning to turn up to support the launch of his friends book. If you're in Boston, we'll see you there!" -

Y'all should go for me... Bloody Texas.
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From today's Boston Herald...

U2 returns to the by-then renamed TD Banknorth Garden on Oct. 3 and 4 and additional dates in December are rumored.

I hope those rumoured shows take place!!! Considering I have GA tickets for 2 shows on Dec 4th & 5th!!
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