May 25th, 2005

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quick thoughts on Boston 1

-- KoL are a tragedy. Musically they're very tight, good jammers, but JEEBUS that guy's voice just grates. Ugh.

-- Could tell B's back still hurts. Wasn't moving around much, not out on the ramp very often, didn't pull anyone up to dance etc.

-- The Vertigo count in Gaelic... "This is an Irish town!" *gryn*

That said.... f'ing WOW....

anyone got a set list yet?
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yet another GA question

Does anyone know the particular procedures to get into the heart for the Boston shows?

I read that GA folks get a wristband when they show up and are picked at random to enter. Does it matter when you get the wristband? Whats the deal...


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Hey everyone I'm new to this community and I'm in need of some advice...
I'm going to see U2 at the end of June in the Millenuim Stadium which is great, the un-great thing is that I have exams up until 4 that day and the gates open at 3 so I'll get there about half 5ish. I was wondering if anyone has ever shown up late for a concert and if they got a good view because I'm tiny and I want to see U2 not the back of some guy's head..a long shot I know, I just need to know of a few of your experiences. Thankyou!
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