May 27th, 2005

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Did they speed the tempo back up on Pride or is it just me? Because tonight it sounded SO AMAZING, so much better than Elevation and Popmart.
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I lost my U2 virginity last night, and boy was it ever amazing.

I thought my balcony seats would be terrible, but they were actually great. A good method for people who sneak in their camera phones and are kind of far from the stage: Bring binoculars and take photos through them, that's what we did :)

Just curious, was anyone at O'Reilly's before the show? A radio station was there giving out prizes and they were blasting "U2 Go Home" on all their tv screens. It was great! So many fans jammed into one building, singing and having a good time.

U2 fans kick ass ;)

UK U2 Tickets!

Well folks! That's me just recieved my tickets for Hampden, Glasgow - 21st June. I wasn't on the preorder so hopefully all us mere mortals will be getting our tickets in the next few days.

PS Is anyone else going to Hampden?
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A review of Thursday's concert from (Aerosmith, what?):

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PS - I thought Kings of Leon were terrible; the only audible thing out of the lead singer were a bunch of constipated moans. It was just a bunch of noise to me. I saw them on Tuesday so maybe they were better last night but I don't think I'll be picking up their album anytime soon (or ever).

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In less than 4 months, I'll be attending the Minneapolis show- of course, I'm extremely pumped to see U2- I haven't seen them since 1997, but someone help me out here:

Am I the only person in this world that likes Kings of Leon??? I feel like every time someone posts in this community, they make sure to mention how much they though KoL sucked. I'm a huge fan and have been since their first CD came out.

Does anyone else out there enjoy them or am I just way off base in liking this band???
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World Exclusive Coldplay article on Q

"What matters is trying to write the best tunes in the world. And having a picture of U2 on the wall, and trying to pump enough logs to take out the Drago[the Russian villian in Rocky IV] that is U2- that's our mission. I don't care about being big, I don't care about being famous, I care about being a streamlined fighting machine" -Chris martin

"On Tour with U2" <<< also on this issue. They review the first shows (SD, Anheim, Los Angeles(I was there!) of the Vertigo Tour. Great show pictures included and facts about the tour.

I thought it was funny and interesting that Chris Martin said that. I am a fan of Coldplay but I love U2 of course. Their new single "speed of sound" sounds awesome. Go out and get the magazine.


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A little while ago I posted some pics from when I had front row in the ellipse at the Wachovia Center on May 22nd.

I've since had an opportunity to scan in a couple more, so here you go...enjoy!!

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*I'd post more, but I really want to surprise my friends with how the rest of my pics turned out....*
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Panic in Detroit (or Milwaukee.)

Okay guys, yet another question about the GA lines. (Sorry.) I bought mine with my presale code and printed them at home. They don't seem to say 'FAN' on them anywhere, at least that I can find. Is it hidden someplace (if so, where?), or should I be worrying that they won't let me in the member line? I've got my membership card, but I don't know if they'll let you in with just that... does anybody know about that?

Ack, I'm sorry to be bringing this up again. I had seats for the last show I went to and I'm giving myself an ulcer over this already. :) I guess the fact that we're all freaking out shows how much they mean to us, right?
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