June 2nd, 2005

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I only blame myself for not reading everyone's posts... but a friend gave me THIS STORY and... well, I think it's brilliant! Made me laugh.

If it was already posted (or if anyone saw this) then I apologize. Anyway. Probably worth another read, no??

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Where did it go?

I've been missing the Song of the Day part of this community. Anyone know what happened to djmlm41 who had been posting them?

I'd be willing to fill in for the time being. Or maybe it would be better if we had two shifts of posters so we get different opinions and less stress (always a yay). I can take Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Perhaps someone can take Friday and the weekend?
If djmlm41 comes back I'll give it back to them though.
Any takers for the weekend shift?
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Song of the Day

Until the original poster can come back...

Today's Selection is...

"Mofo" from Pop.

This song is an attention grabber. I can see why people might call Pop their weak album, because it's really not for everybody. But those who do get it get to see a completely new side of U2. I love this song and it's trance-y club feel to it. I'm not sure exactly what the lyrics are supposed to mean but I read one theory that Bono wrote this to his deceased mother.
I like to drive fast when this song plays in my car radio. Like I'm in the Matrix or something.
Bono's vocals are great with the high pitched notes in "motherrrr!" and that same riff over and over again is extremely hypnotic.
Side note: This song was originally titled MRFR short for motherf*cker. Mofo sounds better, I think.
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Led Zeppelin

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Hey everyone.

I'm not sure if this has been discussed yet, but about an hour ago I heard Speed of Sound by Coldplay (on the radio) for the first time. I've heard of the song, but for some reason, when I heard the song, U2 came into my head. I'm not sure why, but just the overall tone along with the lyrics somewhat provides for that "U2 feel". If you know what I mean.

I hope I'm not going to get flamed for this, but I was just wondering if anyone else came under the same impression; or something like it..
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Liam Gallagher's thoughts on U2

A rather amusimg interview bit with Liam Gallagher.

Pot! Kettle! Darkness!

Miserable gob-shooting imbecile Liam Gallagher has attacked U2 for being overly serious, which is a bit like shouting at a cow for producing milk.

Apparently, the highly professional Irish rock legends like to watch a video of their performance after every gig, so that they may learn and grow and give ever better shows for their fans. Now, you'd have thought 'turn up, stand there and holler' frontman Liam might want to take a few hints here. But no!

Gallagher made the shocking assertion that this meant that U2 are "Wankers," as he mused: "Haven't they got fuck all better to do? I'd rather be out there getting pissed. I certainly wouldn't go back after a gig and analyse it." Is there a double negative in that first bit?

Liam's diversion between reality and his intelligence continued as he wombled on "This is the best job in the world. It's even better when you're the best rock star," he said. He concluded that "I'm the best fucking rock'n'roll singer this country's ever had," as his nose suddenly grew to three feet long and poked the unfortunate journalist conducting the interview in the eye.

Oasis' new album 'Don't Believe The Truth' is currently outselling everything else by a country mile, and is predicted to accompany the Crazy Frog at the top of the charts this Sunday.
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U2 on HBO?

Don't know if anyone's read about this. But U2 and Bono are supposed to be on HBO's The Entourage this Sunday. Apparently the characters go to see a U2 show and the boys (u2) come out as a big fan of the lead actor guy (can we tell I don't watch this show) and go to get his autograph and whatnot. Bono's got a speaking part and the others are just an appeareance.

Anyway, if you've got HBO, look at for it this Sunday.

Stay Cover

Stay (Faraway So Close) - U2

Hello everyone. I should've joined this community a long time ago, being that U2 changed my life back when I first heard Achtung Baby. Actually the first CD I ever bought for a girl was Zooropa so that one has a special place in my heart too. There's something about the atmosphere of both records; almost like a sonic movie score, that really moves me more than any of U2's work. But don't get me wrong, Joshua Tree, Unforgettable Fire, and October still stand up for me and are also in constant rotation. I get to see them in September in Chicago for the first time (up close --- no nosebleed seats). Anyway, I've been reinventing some of my favorite songs by my favorite bands/musicians and posting them at message boards. Please don't expect greatness; nor don't think I can match the power and passion of Bono's voice, plus I can't really scream here in my apartment complex. Anyway, click on the link above to hear a cover of one of my favorite songs by the band, "Stay (Faraway So Close)." Please don't hate it, it's a home recording and I don't intend to fill the shoes of one of my heroes. This is just my take. Comment, email, or bash me (I wouldn't blame you).

James (automatic pilot)

Until the End of the World

The thread at Interference regarding the true and original Until the End of the World video grabbed at my interest.

What do us guys and girls over here know about the video? Can anyone tell me about it? Is there any way to see it without looking for the Achtung Baby video?

This has not been a public service announcement from ZooTV.
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