June 3rd, 2005

it's a blue sky...

Song Of The Day

Today's Selection is...

"Heartland" from Rattle And Hum.

When I first purchased Rattle and Hum, I skipped over this song on the first listening in favor of other, more popular tunes such as "Desire" and "Angel of Harlem".
I didn’t really know what I was missing until a trip to Arizona found me listening to Rattle and Hum on my CD player. It was morning, and we were somewhere in Missouri. I remember seeing the sun rising over the scenery, and this song was playing on my CD player. It was definitely an amazing moment.

I love this song for its shimmering guitars and Bono’s vocals, and especially at the end of the song, the last “heaaaaaaaaartland!” The last minute of the song alone is amazing.

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    U2 - Heartland

Upcoming Shows......

Just curious who will be seeing the boys in Europe this Summer and then in the States this Fall. :D

I will be seeing them:

Oct 28th Houston Tx

Nov 9th Oakland, Cali

Dec 19th Portland Ore

I really wish I could see them in Europe but my financial situation right now wouldnt let me and as it stands I dont know if I will be going to H-Town to see them :(.

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Okay, I'm having a major crisis! (sort of) I have a U2.com account with email. Today I got two emails from two diffrent address (info@u2.com and register@u2.com) the subject titles are telling me that my email has been suspended for secrity reasons but all it says in the messages is see attached then theres a file to download...I'm afraid to download encase it isn't U2.com but a person without a life giving people viruses. So I was wonder, what sould I do and is anyone else getting these messages?