June 4th, 2005

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A friend of mine recently played "Take me to the cloads above" for me. I know that a lot of U2 fans dont care for this song at all. I really didnt want to like it, but I do. I usually dont like club songs but there is something about it. I should be upset that they twisted a U2 song, but I think that its the reason I like the song. Its something added in to the song that makes it familiar to me, which makes me comfortable.

But then again, today was my last day of high school and so Im in a very deep emotional state and I like anything that is familiar.
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“Elecrtical Storm“ from The Best Of 1990-2000.

Right then. This song came out of nowhere. In all senses.

I heard this song a few years back; it was the radio version, which is a bit more pepped-up than the William Orbit remix. I like both versions, personally.

When I first heard this song, I was, for some reason, immediately hooked on the song because of the novel little guitar bit. I also loved the lines “On rainy days, we’d go swimming out/On rainy days, swimming in the sound”. While admittedly not Bono’s best lyrics, they created a picture for me that I could compare with events and memories in my life.

This is honestly such a fun song to sing along to, also. Getting funny looks as you and your friends howl “Electrical Stoooooorm!” is always amusing.

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Hmmm, U2 probably isn't the best thing to listen to while revising (read cramming) for exams. I get distracted by the lyrics. Hmmm, maybe I could make a playlist consisting of Scarlet, Boomerang I and other similarly natured songs. Or maybe I'll just keep listening to the Joshua Tree. Great for stress relief.
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