June 5th, 2005

it's a blue sky...

Song Of The Day

Today's Selection is...

“In A Little While” from All That You Can‘t Leave Behind.

This song has always been one of my favorites off of All That You Can’t Leave Behind. I first acquired the album before a very memorable trip to North Carolina, so I associate most of the album towards sights I saw there; leafy things, forests and such.

I love the very bluesy sound of this song; in the (very easy to play!) guitar part, and Bono‘s vocals. It’s almost as though the music carries the song more than the vocals do.

Some of my favorite parts of this song are when the music kicks up at “When the night takes a deep breath/ and the daylight has no air,” (love that whole phrase, actually…), the “Turn it oooooooon,” part., and Bono’s wailing “oh-HOOOOOOOOOO”.

That’s all. Love this song.

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Family dinners usually aren't all that exciting for me. But tonight, I went home rather excited. Because I have THE BEST AUNT IN THE WORLD!

After dinner we were all sitting around talking and playing with the dogs, and I was showing my aunt my iPod. I was letting her listen to some U2 songs, because she likes U2, and that's mostly what I have on my iPod.

And then she said the fateful words:

"If they ever have a concert around here, you and I should go."

I calmly explained that U2 would be in St. Louis in December. I didn't want to sound too eager. She was excited to hear it, and said we should try to find tickets.

I didn't get a chance to talk to her about it in detail, because I had to go. But hopefully this will work out, I'm really excited about it, because I desperately wanted to go to this concert, but didn't think I'd be able to get together the money, or have anyone to go with.
Tickets of course, might not be all that easy to find. At the moment I'm looking at totaltickets.com but if anyone has any better suggestions, they'd be appreciated. I'd love to be on the GA Floor, and it would be cheaper, but I'd have to talk to her about that, she might prefer seats.

Any advice for me?
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Question about With or Without You?

I swear someone posted a link to a "With or Without You" mp3 from Tempe. I just can't find the post again. I think it was a few months ago. Anyway, the question is - is this version from the "Rattle and Hum" movie? Or is this from some concert on one of the tours? If it is from a tour, which one and date? All I know is that it is from "Tempe."

It's a brilliant version. Bono sings the hell out of it, and the music and vocals are just pure magic. It's a goosebumps experience. It kind of makes me sad since I think if they play "With or Without You," it should be full tilt like this, and not any other way.

Anyone can help me with information or point me somewhere that has it? Thanks in advance!


Hey all, just wondered about the merchandise side of things. I'm really poor (I'm a student!) but I desperately want a T-shirt when I go to the gig a week on Tuesday (eek, so close. aherm). How much do they cost? I've seen you can get them online, is it any dearer or cheaper to go for either option?

Thaaaaank you in advance! :D

Kat x