June 6th, 2005

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Song of the Day

Today's Selection is...

"Kite" from All That You can't Leave Behind

I found it interesting that so many people had listed this as one of their top 5 favorite songs. When I had ATYCLB, before I was a fan, I remember loving this song very much. I missed it when I lost the cd. It was so lofty and very much like a kite blowing in the wind. The song is musically beautiful as well as the lyrics. The guitar slide in the background reminds me of stuff you would hear in songs from the 70's.
Bono and Edge (I believe they wrote the lyrics together...I don't have the cd booklet with me) have created a genius in this song in my opinion. In particular:
I'm not afraid to die
I'm not afraid to live
And when I'm flat on my back
I hope to feel like I did

is quite an attention grabber and an amazing play on words.
I remember reading back that many people considered this a good song to be played at a funeral and I couldn't agree more. It's hopeful in it's lyrics, it's tune and it's rhythm.
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Side Notes:
I read at songmeanings.net from some folk that Bono wrote this song to his children about his own death (an assasination attempt, or so they say).
I also read that the last 5 lines of the song are an apology to the straying fans who were disappointed by "Pop".

One of my favorite U2 songs ever. I learned to play it on guitar this weekend.
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The Alarm - James

Live 8

Tickets for the LIVE 8 London concert in Hyde Park will be allocated via a text competition.

The competition is open to UK and Channel Islands' residents aged 16 or over.

For the chance to win a pair of tickets to the London event send us your answer to this simple question:

What city is the forthcoming G8 summit being held near this July?

A) Berlin B) Moscow C) Edinburgh

Text A, B or C to 84599*

You can enter as many times as you like for a better chance of winning.

No entries will be accepted before 00:01 on the 6th June.

Each entry costs £1.50* plus your operator's standard text charge.

The text competition will close at midnight on the 12th June. Winners will be chosen at random by computer and notified by text message after the 13th June with details of how they can collect their tickets - either online or from collection points around the UK.

Due to the tight deadlines we are working to, you will need to be able to collect your tickets within ten days of notification of winning, otherwise you will forfeit them.

Participants can also enter the competition by sending their response A, B or C on a postcard with their full name and address to:

Live 8 Ticket Competition,
PO Box 4026,
Leamington Spa,
CV31 9AZ

Note this route of entry closes at 1pm on Friday 10th June

* Ask bill payer's permission before texting. The first £1.6 million raised from the text competition will go to The Prince's Trust which is sharing a proportion of the income with Help a London Child. The rest, after paying the costs of the global LIVE 8 concerts (free events), will go to the Band Aid Trust. Full terms and conditions are available online here:

sign letter to Make Poverty History today!

ONE month from today, on July 6th, President Bush will join the leaders of the world's eight richest nations for a three-day Group of 8, or "G8" summit in Scotland. At this historic meeting, these eight men will have the power to save the lives of millions of people who live in extreme poverty. And YOU can help make this happen.

President Bush needs to hear that Americans strongly support bold leadership on this issue. And thanks to you, the nearly one million people who've signed the ONE Declaration, we have the numbers to show our leaders where America stands.

Today we're asking you to sign a letter to President Bush, asking him to deliver an essential and historic plan for thethe world's poor at the G8 summit this year. Take a few moments now, and sign the letter today.

The letter asks President Bush to support the following at the G8:

1. America will allocate an additional 1% of the federal budget to fight global poverty and AIDS (Currently we spend far less than one percent);
2. America will support canceling the overwhelming debts of the world's poorest countries;
3. America will reform trade rules that make it impossible for the poorest countries to help themselves.

We, the people who have signed the ONE Declaration, are both left and right, conservative and liberal. We represent every state, different ages, many religions and all walks of life. Together as ONE, we all believe that no child deserves to starve in a world of plenty, that AIDS can and must be stopped, and that America should reach out to help the poorest people on Earth.

Thank you,
The ONE Campaign

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Okay - my parents landed me with the biggest of surprises yesterday - they got me a ticket to see U2 at Twickenham stadium on the 19th June!!

It's in the North Stand (me thinks - something like 199?!!) and it's a reserved seat :D

So what I am asking is...from a newbie not just to U2 concerts but to concerts in general - what are the do's and don'ts???

thanks :D

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This was sent to me by a concerned stranger.

I am concerned also (although it may shed light on why three sets of tickets haven't turned up yet!) It's really nice of the venue not to say anything. Reaaally nice. :)

I have found out that the Twickenham GA tickets are not getting sent
out to anybody internationally! Even though when I bought them from
ticketmaster there was no option for box office collection, and I had
to choose mail delivery.

I have had no notification of this from ticketmaster, and have tried
to contact them with no luck. I found this out from another fan on the
U2.com forums, and it does seem to be correct. Apparently ticketmaster
tried to claim that there are only 55 international GA tickets for
Twickenham...haha what a load of crap. It would be nice if this were
true because the box office line would be short, but I highly doubt

The Stadium Operations Department at Twickenham confirmed this, and
emailed me the following details for box office collection:

"The Box Office Collection point is at Gate A
You can collect at any time
Gate A is on Whitton Road

If you log on to www.twickenhamstadium.com you can download a concert
PDF which has all the maps you need."

You need to have you purchase number and the same credit card that was
used to order the tickets.