June 7th, 2005

COBL Singles

Picked these up today. Not bad, but still not great. The DVD is nice tho, even tho I already have the stuff that's on it.

I'm liking the single radio edit. Adam's bass seems much more out there.

The live cuts are nice. But sound like bootleg recordings to me!!!

Not bad for £2 a pop. Don't be paying any more, you'd be well ripped off. Save your money to be ripped off at the Merch stalls at the gigs in the coming weeks!!
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Song of the Day

Today's Selection is...

"Sunday Bloody Sunday" from War

Quite possibly the best anti-war song ever written. It sticks in your head like honey and makes you repeat the infamous line: Sunday Bloody Sunday. I guarantee that anyone who didn't know what Sunday Bloody Sunday was about has already looked it up and preached it to a friend. In case you still don't know: www.bloodysundaytrust.org.
Every verse has deep meaning to it and you can't help but pay attention. This is the kind of stuff that makes even non-U2 lovers stand up and listen.
The award in this song has to go to Larry. That beat is just awesome. Recite it, you know you can. It's like a war march, so perfectly constructed against this verse of anti-war.

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Favorite line? There's many lost, but tell me who has won?
Isn't this just about the basis of every war? There is no winner, it's just that one person accepts to give up before another.
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The Top 5 songs post

Okay, so it wasn't really an official 'poll' per se, but it's now closed. I will tabulate all of the entries made in the comments section from that post this evening, and display the results. Just eye balling all of the comments, there's some interesting song choices. :)
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COBL Question

Anyone know if the CD/DVD Combo of COBL will be out in the US or only out in the UK? For those of you who live in the UK in itunes music st ore they have a good SB version of COBL from the Bookyln show from last yr.
superman; galloway

And the results are in!

Pretty much how I expected it. There were a few surprises though: didn't expect "City of Blinding Lights" to rank so high, or "Beautiful Day" to rank so low. Thanks to everyone who participated. It showed that we are quite a diverse bunch of fans. One thing to note: for participants who listed more than five songs, only the first five songs named were entered into tabulations.

One 14
Bad 11
City of Blinding Lights 8
Where the Streets Have No Name 8
Sunday Bloody Sunday 7
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Again; thanks to everyone who participated!
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(no subject)

Thought you guys might be interested in this. I saw it on Yahoo News, and read it because I've been following the story.

Bush, Blair say progress on African debt relief

It's interesting by itself, especially for people that are supporting the ONE campaign, but apart from that, Bush is praising Bono:

Quote for those that don't want to read the entire article:

"He praised Irish rock star Bono for his activism on this issue. "I admire him. He is a man of depth and a great heart, who cares deeply about the impoverished folks on the continent of Africa," he said."
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Song Request

You know I don't normally make song requests since I have pretty much everything outside of the real rare stuff like Native Son and some live performances.

Anyone have a high quality Live Version of City of Blinding Lights. Maybe the Brooklyn Bridge concert? You folks across the pond might have it since I know its a iTunes exclusive over there but not sure if its around in mp3 format as well.
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(no subject)

i just realised, i've gone over the 4-tickets-per-household-for-all-uk-concerts rule.

as i have 4 for twickenham, 2 for manchester, and my brother has 2 for cardiff.

anyone else done this? it says they can cancel the tickets if you exceed the limit 4

im not really worried, as i doubt theyll cancel any, but wondered if anyone else has done the same?