June 11th, 2005

it's a blue sky...

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Today's Selection is...

“Flower Child” from Unreleased And Rare (All That You Can't Leave Behind sessions).

I don’t know if many people here have heard this song, but I was listening to it this morning, it made me happy, and thought that I just had to post it as song of the day.

It’s such a fun song to sing along and play guitar to, with a bit of a hippie feel to it. I love the random tambourine shaking in the background, and the jangly guitars.

If this song reminds one of “Wild Honey” from All That You Can’t Leave Behind, it’s for a good reason: this was recorded at one of the ATYCLB sessions, and the jangly guitars and lyrics are a giveaway that this song was an early form of “Wild Honey”.

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