June 15th, 2005

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Song of the Day

Today's Selection is...

Gone from "Pop"

I didn't begin to like this song until very recently for some reason. I used to skip over it and now I can't. What an incredible intro by Edge with that overdrive. I like New Mix better only because I find Bono's singing much more improved, especially in the bridge. AND! Adam gets a nice little solo during the bridge in the New Mix that absolutely drives me wild. The bass guitar is much more prominent and helps tie in the song a little better.
I suppose it's one of the songs that could have been great if only they had had more time to tweak it in the studio.
Favorite lyrics:
You changed your name
Well that's okay, it's necessary
And what you leave behind you don't miss anyway.

Coincidence that their next album would be called "All That You Can't Leave Behind"?
Hmm. HMM!
Award goes to Image hosted by Photobucket.com for the bass guitar that doesn't miss a beat.
Honorable mention to Edge for the overdrive guitar.
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I always thought "suit of lights" was "suit of lies." Makes sense to me, in a Donnie Darko-ish kind of way.
Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?
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Best Individual Performance (Drum)...First in a series

I've been thinking lately about each band member's best individual performance on a particular song. It's a hard thing to nail down. After all, as musicians, arguably no one band member would be considered the best in the business at their particular craft. It's the four of them playing together that make U2 so spectacular (and also likely the reason for their longevity...can you imagine any one band member putting out a solo album!?).

Nevertheless, it's fun to get people's opinion on such things.

So my question to you today is this...

Which U2 song is Larry's best performance on the drums?

My personal choice is Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me. I first saw U2 live during PopMart, and Larry's drumming during that song completely blew me away. Now whenever I see them, I find myself focusing on Larry's sound.

Honorable Mentions:
Out of Control
The Fly
trent back
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From bonoonline.com:

"I am giving one of you guys the opportunity to win a U2 ticket to Saturday 18th June in London Twickerham. It is a seated ticket on the left handside, Block33, Row 36, Seat 172 and you will be seated with me and if you win you will just have to meet me there. You also need to be prepared to give me your mobile number.

For the chance to win you just have to answer this simple question: What is Bono's real name (Include his middle name to)?

It's that easy! Just Mail me at lauren_dowsett@u2.com and in the subject header put U2 Ticket Competition."

WHY do I have to live in Texas? :-/
SooHyun [UKISS]


I saw this U2 video last night and I can't remember the title so I'm hopinh you can help me..

It was from the Joshua Tree era, Edge had his long hair, Adam's hair was cut but and Bono had that shoulder length hair. At the end of the video Bono cuts his fingers with a razor then just lets loose. It's hair raising.

Anyway, the video was simple just the guys standing around in black with a black blackground...OH! Larry was playing the bongo's!!!! And there was something with a round staircase outside. The album had three words in the title, three small words.

If you have any information that would be great. I'll look on VH1 Classic to see if I can find a playlist

An interesting U2 story...

I intern as a reporter with the News-Times, a newspaper in Danbury, CT, and one of the people I recently interviewed was a writer from Danbury, David Tatge, who just released his very first novel. What was cool about him was his love for music (he has a room devoted to his guitars, and owns about 1300 CDs) and also, his love for U2.
In his book he sort of adds music to the chapters. Before each one he puts what song he thinks should be playing at that time in the story. Apparently Chapter 1 should be read with "Bad" playing :)

He was pretty cool, and a little bummed that he couldn't get tickets to any of the May shows (as were many people, haha).

The book isn't really that relevant to U2 after that (and one line) but it's still a cute story. It's called "Playing by Ear" if anyone's interested.

A line from the second page:
"Running to stand still. You said it, Bono."

:) I love U2 references.

U2 dream

I had a really hilarious U2 dream last night, in which I accidentally messed up their concert, but still managed to enjoy some cool moments. *g*  If anyone wants to read about it, I wrote it up here!
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Manchester gig!

I was there last night and it was SO AMAZING! I'd never seen them live before and it didn't disappoint, even the rain stayed off for us and we had great seats, front row in the top tier right near the stage! Ah my God I can't stop thinking about it, I was hyper ages afterwards lol! It was just brilliant, the best gig I have ever been to in my life and I wish I could go again, lol!

I don't have an actual ordered setlist cause I only wrote songs from memory this morning on the train home but I'll stick what I can remember under the cut and hope I don't forget any!

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Love Kat x