June 16th, 2005

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Song of the Day

Today’s selection is...
Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses? From “Achtung Baby”

Possibly my most favorite u2 song. Ever. I can’t say exactly what draws me to this song. Maybe its that it’s just catchy, or that the chorus was repetitive enough for me to sing along to, even the first time I heard it. Since it wasn’t in the “Best of” collection (how dare they!), and I didn’t have the album at the time, I heard and saw the video at launch.com. The video wasn’t too special, I would really expect something more with this song. It’s the standard u2 concert video, but it does have a nice twist at the end. I think everyone loves and remembers the “F***!” Bono shouts and then the serious “No!” before walking off camera. Even Larry motioning “cut” at the very end.
For something that was only a goof in the video, it turns out to be perfectly fitting for the song. And it’s real emotion at that.
Favorite lines:
Who's gonna taste your saltwater kisses?
Who's gonna take the place of me?

That last line in particular carries so much weight on it. It’s the line that didn’t come out of the song at first, even though it had been floating over the piece since the first chord. I’m glad I looked up the lyrics because I never really could make out what came after those lines.
The award goes again toImage hosted by Photobucket.com for the metaphors that are so strange, so oddly placed that it fits perfectly.
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Who’s gonna ride your wild horses is heartache. Nothing more, nothing less.
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Manchester Last night

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Fantastic show last night. As I've said elsewhere, I'd seen the band 8 times previously. Last night was best I've seen yet, even tho I was miles away from the stage.

Pictures here.


I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - 3MB

I recorded this on my digital camera. The video footage is too big to put on yousendit, I've tried twice but it cuts out. Here's the audio from the video I took.

Roll on the London & Glasgow shows. :-DD
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SooHyun [UKISS]

Question again

Does anyone know if the guys call themselves Bono and Edge or do they actually go by Paul and Dave (David) when they are together?

I've seen clips where Larry said "Do Edge and Adam know about this?" and I've heard Bono say The Edge when he's talking to Edge, but I'm just wondering.
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Hi everyone,

This article appeared in The Australian newspaper on Tuesday this week (the 14th) about Bono and Bob Geldof and their campaign for debt cancellation. I was unimpressed by the reverting to pulling of the "popstar" drawcard for one, and the fact that neither the DATA, One or Make Poverty History campaigns were even named, let alone their opinions or goals made known. Suggesting that either were in support of the violent group of anarchistic protesters who appear at each G8 conference was even more offensive.

And although I'm willing to be further educated on the issue, so correct me if I'm mistaken - but considering that the WTO and the World Bank were in charge of distributing the money lent to African countries in the first place, how is it that they are the ones who are fixing it "silently"? However, there are some salient points about democracy and the fiscal dangers of debt forgiveness that I agree with, but they don't link with the opening gambit of Bono and co. apparently not understanding the consequences of debt relief, so figure that one out. :-?

Anyway, enough of my babbling. Here's the article scanned in full.

14/6/05 - The Australian - "BEATING WRONG DRUMS"

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Discuss at will! I'd like to know what people think.

On a completely facetious note, however - the caricature that accompanied the article amused me because not only did they draw Bono slightly taller than Bob, but they made him quite svelte too. I suppose Bono can be pleased about one thing in that article, at least. :))
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the fly

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Hello everyone! I'm doing an art project on U2 and I needed some other's input: What U2 lyric(s) stand out to you the most? I have to do a photo collage and fuse text and pictures together and I wanted to do a U2 song or part of a U2 song. What song or which lyrics have such vivid imagery to you? Sorry if this confuses you, but I just needed a few other opinions...thanks so much! :)


Hi, I have a pair of GAs for the first Montreal show, November 26th, but I know now that with exam studying happening at the same time, I won't be completely comfortable traveling to Montreal to see the show. I'm now looking to trade the tickets for a pair of GAs for, ideally, the Saturday, September 17th show in Toronto. I have siblings in either city that would happily do the trade in person. If anyone's interested, please e-mail me at praymond@dal.ca Thanks! Phil
chris guy

First U2 shirt!!

My first U2 t-shirt EVAR!!

In case anyone was wondering about the shirts on the site...I was, because you can't see the actual shirts when you go to the fanfire site to buy them; you just get some graphics. And I'm reeally picky about how things fit and feel, and materials/textures and stuff. But I'm happy to report that I really like it a lot -- it's perfect! Here are the specs:

The sizes DEFINITELY run small -- I am 5'2", 114lbs, and...because it's relevant, here, 34-B, lol. (Sorry to any guys here who didn't want that info lol). I am usually a size small in babydoll t-shirts, but I went with a medium to be on the safe side and it is just right.

The material is very nice -- not too thin, not too thick, and the knit is fine, which is what I like. Makes it softer. :)

It's LONG, which I also love. Too many babydoll T's are always WAY too short (and usually shrink to become even shorter) and what happens is, they ride up and show your midrift, especially when you bend over. Now, while I'm young and that doesn't bother me per se, it can make it difficult to wear those shirts to work or anywhere else where there might be a dresscode, or where I simply feel it would be inappropriate to show midrift. But also, it is just uncomfortable for me when shirts ride up like that. It makes me paranoid that someone will see my underpants sticking out, as I often wear pants that ride low on my hips (more comfortable that way because I have a short torso)...or worse, my white Irish buttcrack! (:-O

Whatever paint they use for the heart is kinda shimmery/sparkly...it's cool! :)

So yeah...thumbs up on this t-shirt! Yay for merch. ;)