June 21st, 2005

Too Much


Wow. What an absolutely amazing weekend at Twickenham - the first show was brilliant, the second even better!  Had fantastic spots on the rail both nights. My mind is officially blown. They really should have filmed the DVD on this leg of the tour!

Too knackered to write a proper report just yet, it's gonna take me forever to get my thoughts together anyway. Took a bunch of photos with a crappy disposable camera, will upload them if anything came out decently!

Thanks to everyone who made the GA line a bit more bearable in the insane heat!!  Saw amphibious_one but no idea if any other LJers were nearby (apart from the ones I was with).
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Hey everyone.
Forgive me if this has been posted, but I checked the past 40 entries and didn't see anything about it.

Has anyone heard the new song that kinda takes the chorus of "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"? I didn't catch who it was by, except that it involved Pras. http://www.billboard.com/bb/search/article_display.jsp?schema=&vnu_content_id=1000904861 is a little bit more detail.
Anyway, it's not a bad song, I guess, but it's no ISHFWILF. Anyone else's opinion?

Best Guitar Performance (Second in a Series)

Last week I started off by asking everyone what they thought was Larry's best performance on the drums. I expect debate to get much more heated on this question:

Which U2 song is The Edge's best performance on guitar?

This is a hard one for me because Edge is unique amongst rock n' roll axemen. He's not a Guitar God in the traditional mould of Jimmy Page or Jimi Hendrix. On the contrary, what makes him unique is his ability to hold back on guitar when the song calls for it (e.g. Please), while also driving a song with power chords when appropriate (e.g. All Because of You). I once read that for The Edge, a guitar note is very expensive, and so he uses them only when necessary, hence the rarity of face-melting guitar solos in U2's catalog.

So my choice...

Until the End of the World

One simple reason: I can play a good chunk of U2's catalog on guitar, and this song is the most fun to play of any of them!

Honourable Mentions:

With or Without You
The Fly
Bullet the Blue Sky
Pink Me

Random stuff over the last few days

I've had the box my PlayStation 2 came in sitting in the corner of my room since Christmas. I keep forgetting to throw it away. Today, while on the phone, I happened to look at it and noticed that the corner of the barcode sticker said "U2". Now I really don't want to throw it away.

I've discovered that lately I seem to have nothing more to add to social conversation than random facts about U2 and Bono. It's probably really beginning to annoy people.

Two nights ago, I couldn't sleep, so I decided to go watch Collateral on HBO. My sister was asleep on the couch, but she sleeps through almost anything, so I ignored her, and watched the movie.
Halfway through, she wakes up and looks at the TV, then she looks at me and goes "Is that Bono?" I told her no, and she went back to sleep. She didn't remember any of this the next day. She was probably talking in her sleep (which she does). It's crazy that I talk about him so much that I've got her talking about him in her sleep.

She asked me what his last name was. And ever since I told her, she's been calling me "Mrs. Hewson".

The other day I was ewwwwwing over the Katie Holmes-Tom Cruise thing. My friend pointed out that it wasn't that different than me obsessing over Bono. I replied with "I'm not engaged to Bono though." She said "Yea, but you wish you were." I said "Yea, and if I was, I'd expect people to ewwwww about it." It'd be an even bigger age difference as well.

Today, in a fit of hyperness, I was running and jumping around my apartment singing Elevation as loudly and off-key as possible. My sister looked at me like I was nuts.

Hope this entry isn't stranger than usual. I'm really tired and I feel a little insane.
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